Why Every Man In A Relationship Needs To Make A Big Deal Out Of Valentine’s Day


Close to Valentine’s Day, some men will find a reason to break up with their girl. They can’t be bothered to buy a gift; they don’t like her that much or they’re just not into the romantic thing. Now, you really can’t help these guys… they’re douchebags.

There are, however, good guys who are genuinely not keen on Valentine’s Day…  perhaps they should be reminded of a few things.

As a man, it’s easy to ask the obvious, “Why do I need one day out of the year to show that I care about my girlfriend?” … And I think this is fair question to ask… especially if you’re the type of guy who puts a lot of effort into your relationship.

It’s also easy for a man to be apathetic about February 14, because some women will downplay their expectations on the day to avoid disappointment. She may say something like “Valentine’s Day is not that big of a deal to me”… and this does not help the situation.

Now, in order for you to give of yourself on Valentine’s Day, you really need to appreciate the significance of the day. Sir, you need to realize how important it is to most women… even if she feigns nonchalance.

Being in a good relationship is like being a professional tennis player. You have to constantly play in tournaments for a number of reasons… but your focus is on the four major titles… the four Grand Slams. Similarly, when you’re in a relationship, you have to constantly take your girl out on dates but your focus should be on the four major date nights… the big four.

Australian Open (Birthday)

French Open (Valentine’s Day)

Wimbledon (Anniversary)

US Open (New Year’s Eve)

In essence, Valentine’s Day is right up the alley with the other important nights and should be treated with the same level of enthusiasm. Now, every woman is different, so some may give more weight to the other dates… just like how a tennis player may have a preference for a particular Grand Slam… but the fact remains the same… V-day is very important.

Now, for a second, recall when you first asked your girl out on a date. You probably didn’t have the balls to call her, so you sent her a message… then anxiously waited for a response. And when she replied, your reaction wasn’t exactly thug-like. So, perhaps you’re not as macho as you may think you are … you definitely have it in you to do something romantic.

Also, hypothetically speaking… let’s say you began courting your girl in January… I’m pretty sure you would do something sweet on Valentine’s Day because you know how much it would mean to her.

So, clearly, you understand the significance of the day.

We can all agree that men like to be challenged… it’s healthy for our egos. And you should certainly adopt that mindset when it comes to Valentine’s Day. You should give it your best shot to make it an unforgettable day. This, of course, requires you to be very creative… and this, of course, requires sacrifice. But it’s definitely worth it when after a day filled with surprises, laughter and nostalgia… you get to draw closer, put your arms around her and kiss her lips.

And for the Ladies who are reading this article… please note that when I made the tennis analogy, you should know that it applies to Mixed Doubles as well. Because you, also, have to understand that if you want to make the day a memorable one… you need to make him feel special. Valentine’s Day is hard work… but people don’t usually appreciate things that come easy… except a free ticket to a party.

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10 Responses to Why Every Man In A Relationship Needs To Make A Big Deal Out Of Valentine’s Day

  1. Read Robyn says:

    Haha, the tennis analogy is an excellent one!

  2. Sophy Willo says:

    Lol..Another good one..

  3. Nice post. I agree that a lot of women downplay the holiday just to avoid disappointment. I love the reference to tennis. Great analogy.

  4. Christine says:

    Love this article, definitely a Grand Slam!

  5. Char Lesie says:

    Great explanation Chris!

  6. Sharon says:

    On point!

  7. Esther says:

    Very good article!!

  8. Verona says:

    What about Christmas? thinking Christmas means more than Valentine Day

  9. Alecia says:

    Hahaaaa love the Mariah Carey reference. Love it!

  10. Charmaine says:

    I really looooove this article Chris; truly well said. Keep it up

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