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7.5 Things That Men Shouldn’t Do On VALENTINE’S DAY.

Some men take the opportunity to be really stupid on February 14 while others are just oblivious. Either way, it is selfish to act nonchalantly on such a significant day. So, before you create all kinds of idiocies to justify … Continue reading

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A Few Problems That (Some) Single Women Have In Their Late 20s and Early 30s.

The Biological Clock Mom constantly reminds you about the biological clock. Sometimes the nagging is indirect “What happen to that nice young man that came by the house?”…  smh …  Then there are times when the badgering is direct “When … Continue reading

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5 Ways To SENSE That You’ve Found The One

It’s okay for a man to be macho (and cool) but he must be compassionate with his lady. A woman deserves to feel special and she should sense when she has found a man worthy of being introduced to her … Continue reading

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How To Cheat On Your Girlfriend

IN a relationship, it is important to manipulate situations to gain an unfair advantage. You have to be skilful to ensure that your girlfriend remains oblivious to the truth. Do not feel guilty because she, too, has secrets that will … Continue reading

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Why The Second Kiss Is More Important

If only you could explain how you really felt about the first kiss. It’s like you can recall the intensity of the moment but in trying to describe it, the words just won’t come out right… But what if you … Continue reading

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7.5 Ways To Know Your True Friends

Several years ago, my father bought a pair of football (soccer) boots for my birthday.  The cleats also reliably served my close friend. Our shoe sizes were 8 and 9, respectively. 1. Sometimes you pay for them; sometimes they pay for … Continue reading

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