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7 Things That Make Women More Attractive to Us

1. When you are comfortable with your body At the pool, we really love the sarong that you’re wearing because it complements your skin tone. We love it even more when you take it off. When you effortlessly remove it … Continue reading

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Scientists Discover A Love Letter From MARCH 27, 2085

Happy Birthday! … I can hear my 10 year old great granddaughter’s voice but I am unable to really respond. She is such a sweet girl; I wish I could see her. It makes me sad when I want to … Continue reading

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I hope your SIDE CHICK finds out that you have a GIRLFRIEND

Your side chick will do all the fun things. She’s always excited to go clubbing on a Friday night, she loves to support you at your football games (even when you’re a bench warmer), she’s always down for a road … Continue reading

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How Women Should Really Feel About Men Who Are BORING IN BED

When a man is courting you; he will do anything for sex. He will listen to your concerns, display excellent communication skills, plan exciting outings. If he really likes you… he may envision a romantic experience. As his thigh presses against … Continue reading

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