I hope your SIDE CHICK finds out that you have a GIRLFRIEND


Your side chick will do all the fun things. She’s always excited to go clubbing on a Friday night, she loves to support you at your football games (even when you’re a bench warmer), she’s always down for a road trip, she can uncannily sense when you want to make love.

However, you have to realize that she, too, has feelings. Dancing the night away (after taking off her 5-inch heels) is exciting but she would also like to sleep in your white t-shirts. She wants to be held closely in your arms at 4:00 am after she guiltily took most of the sheet.

You should never take your side chick (a chick that stays by your side) for granted. She deserves to be respected and treated fairly. If you enjoy her company… don’t hesitate to ask her to be your girlfriend. Acting like you are in a relationship is different from being in a relationship. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could enjoy the shriek of excitement with your family members during the Christmas season? Wouldn’t it be great if your mom could show her all your embarrassing baby pictures?

If you are courting a lady, don’t parade with her for showmanship and use her for satisfaction. It’s not fair to just keep a lady around. A commitment confirms that she is special to you. So, try not to be a selfish bastard and create idiocies like “she knows that I like her but we just not official.”

Instead, take a leap of faith and embrace the possibility of endless laughter, romantic engagements and meaningful conversations.  Try to be creative when you ask your side chick to be your girlfriend. Although she may be anticipating the question, let her find out when she least expects it.

For example, maybe you could ask her to fill out a questionnaire for an assignment that reads:


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7 Responses to I hope your SIDE CHICK finds out that you have a GIRLFRIEND

  1. Nicolette Baboolal says:

    Amazing read. I am always pleasantly surprised with your articles- good job again. 🙂

  2. Elo says:

    Wow you are a true romantic aren’t you? lol

    Well from a feminist – I enjoyed reading your article but at the same time I was bothered by it’s contents. I think it’s important to note that this kind of advice is targeted for immature men and women. As speaking from the around the 30 yrs mark it just doesn’t apply, for the following reasons:

    1. A grown woman may view guy in question as the ‘side dude’ – by the time we reach a certain age, if a woman wants a boyfriend she will say it.
    2. Woman aren’t waiting around for some guy to decide that he may want a girlfriend – seriously, I’m a little insulted about this implication
    3. Guy in question just doesn’t meet boyfriend standards and may be crushed by response to ‘be my girlfriend question’

    I like to think about the boyfriend/girlfriend status thing, as the ‘big talk’. Please note that ground work and preliminary discussions should have already taken place, like ensuring that you are both on the same page.

    *sigh – I think I should finish my comments in a blog post – I have too much to say.

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  4. photo-jen-ic says:

    lol @ ’embarrassing baby pics’ … would love to see yours

  5. abigail says:

    lolzz,hmmm,gud writing..

  6. Ashli says:

    oh man! Mr. Lai sooo very inspirational, it speaks to me!!!!!! nniggaz need your mind lol

  7. tialee says:

    Suppose he has a girlfriend and you are a real side chick that does all of that what then

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