How Women Should Really Feel About Men Who Are BORING IN BED

Insomnia. Problems in Bed

When a man is courting you; he will do anything for sex. He will listen to your concerns, display excellent communication skills, plan exciting outings. If he really likes you… he may envision a romantic experience. As his thigh presses against your thigh, you can feel his warm breath on your neck. His muscular arm tenderly holds you close to his chest. For a lady, romance is fulfilling but wouldn’t you also love to do it on the balcony, in the kitchen, on the dresser, in the car.

The first few weeks of relationships are always filled with laughter. He keeps you engaged because he understands the importance of communication. He takes you out on the weekend because he knows how much you love to dance. He’s not too cool to hold your hand at the movies.

He appreciated all of this while you guys were dating. He made a concerted effort to keep you interested because you certainly had options. He had to come good to win you over. So, now you are all head over heels for him.

As time passes, he transforms into a guy that is BORING IN BED. He comes home in the evenings, lies down and turns on the TV. Probably watches a little news, sports highlights, a few sitcoms. The Play Station 3 becomes more alluring than a conversation with you. Listening to how your day went becomes a chore. If you complain about your pet peeves… he concludes that you are miserable because it’s that time of the month.

Passionate lovemaking is now a thing of the past as foreplay becomes less and less. Cuddling is obsolete. When was the last time you went out in 5 inch heels and danced the night away? (Out of curiousity, why do you struggle with 5 inch heels? It seems kind of ridiculous to me, especially when you take them off. But what the hell do I know)

When a man decides to ask you to be his girlfriend… he should honour this commitment. He must be willing to perpetually enthrall you with romance, aspire to be your best friend, engage in fun-loving activities. In other words, he must be the person he was when he first met you.

Every girl has a bucket list. It’s hard to tick off items if all you do is sit around the house with his boring ass. Unless of course your list includes: Going to bed by 10:00 pm, surfing the internet, reading this exciting blog, eating left-overs, texting your girlfriends (Incidentally, if reading this blog was on your to-do list… could you please share it 🙂 )

But seriously, what’s the point of being in a dull relationship? I would never watch a division 5 football (soccer) game… especially when I have been exposed to the Premier League. Hell f**king No!

Based on previous feedback, I know that some men will not like this article. But don’t be mad at me bro… be disappointed in yourself.

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16 Responses to How Women Should Really Feel About Men Who Are BORING IN BED

  1. someone says:

    my momma always said, any man you find pushing up themselves on you n bombarding you too quickly, is to make you fall for them before you realize who they truly are… once you are hooked, it would be harder to walk away, as opposed to the initial stage where you havent invested emotionally. its nice to see a change and an exposure to the males who change in the relationship, not just the women who become fatter, lazy, boring etc after getting the commitment.
    i saw a quote somewhere (facebook of course -_-) the day men realize that women are not seen as enemies to fight against and have as conquests but instead partners to build a life with, is the day…yaddie yaddah, something wholesome, forgot the quote but u get the gist.

  2. chrislai27 says:

    Hello!… Yeah – I agree that once you are emotionally involved with a person.. its not that easy to walk away and that’s why it is important for couples to keep each other engaged throughout the relationship. It’s not fair to be amazing in the courting stages and then after a while you beome disinterested in doing the things that your partner loves to do.

  3. those ladies should come find me… No fatties

  4. Read Robyn says:

    Yes! Higher standards for women! Stop settling for a man who falls off track after the dust clears. Don’t stick around just to say you have a boyfriend if you’re not doing anything with him. It’s like wearing the 5-inch heels just for show when you have to take them off to have a good time. Men are like 5-inch heels – gorgeous but often useless.

  5. chrislai27 says:

    LOLOL @ your metaphor … very well said though 🙂

  6. Chantal Chamansingh says:

    Omg!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. Your articles are right on as well as entertaining to read. Please keep it up!

  7. chrislai27 says:

    Hey Chantal… thanks a lot 🙂 … will definitely keep writing!

  8. Nirmala says:

    Dang! You got it bro! Great truth!

  9. Provacative Me says:

    So… this article focuses on the men who “become boring”… but what of the women who slack off after they realize they have a man’s undivided attention? Could it not be said that these issues could possibly arise due to the fact that some women believe that once they have the man, they have won and no longer… dress nice when he is around in the house, wear setters in their hair/tie up their hair, no longer go to the gym to keep their tummy flat etc etc. The point is both men and women are accountable for relationships falling into this lull simply because people become “comfortable with each other” so certain things that were common practice in the courting phase have fallen by the wayside. Too many times the focus is put solely on the man. Its 2014.

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  11. Mr. Khoury says:

    I just want a rolli polli.. argument done

  12. abigail says:

    hmmm ,true ,some men should disappointed in there selves,some of them make a relationship soooo bored ,ann i hate the lazy a*** oness ,disgusting ,a lazy man cant get any were ,an yess a man wii doo any ting to get what he wants hell even listen to ur grammar talk just to get what he wants,*** Men bucklee up *** ,,, nice article 🙂

    • tina says:

      wow i happy to know that im not the only one who is seeing this in men, i always ask my self why though? why do men put so much effort in get to know a girl and not put the same effort in trying to keep her??? why the change??? we discover that its happening but why??

  13. Andrew says:

    Sad to say it but men sometimes men discover that after all that effort the woman was not all that she pretended to be. So therefore the interest will fade. The guy sometimes is just not trying to break her little heart. Women for the most part after they have gotten the man “locked” they start to show their colors.

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