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How Women Should Really Feel About Men Who Are BORING IN BED

When a man is courting you; he will do anything for sex. He will listen to your concerns, display excellent communication skills, plan exciting outings. If he really likes you… he may envision a romantic experience. As his thigh presses against … Continue reading

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6 Things That Women Need To Stop Doing In Relationships

Typically, we are the ones who tend to leave the toilet seat up, fail to listen to your concerns and become less affectionate with time. However, this does not absolve you of your role in petty arguments. From time to time, … Continue reading

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7.5 Things That Men Can Do To Keep Chivalry Alive

Let’s be clear about one thing: Chivalry does not require an instruction manual. Yes, old-fashioned ideologies should influence our actions but the reality of countless encounters with women on a daily basis makes it difficult to adhere to all these … Continue reading

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