Wha a gwaan?

Welcome to my blog! My female friends call me Chris… my male friends call me Lai… my mom calls me Christopher when she’s pissed… and of late, I’ve been called Lai Detector. Pick one!

I’m a Jamaican based Relationship Blogger and Author of The Lai Detector, an eBook which provides unique insights on how to approach women. In 2014, I was awarded Best Writing on a Blog at the Caribbean Blog Awards (And I kind of backflipped when I heard the news). My articles have been published in the Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, the Jamaica Observer and the Jamaica Gleaner.

After representing Real Mona football (soccer) club for a decade, I now serve as a coach as well as provide administrative support. I’m also an economist and a director at the Jamaica Down’s Syndrome Foundation. In the foreseeable future, I’m determined to start a foundation that will empower individuals from impoverished communities.

I’m gregarious and love to go out. Usually, I play dominoes on Friday nights (kind of addicted) and I play FIFA on Saturday nights (definitely addicted). And, oh yeah, I happen to have a very good looking brother… who is single… just throwing it out there.

3 Responses to About

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  2. Carina Smih says:

    Ok……so I’m late!!! Just got “tuned” into you Mr Lai. I just passed a Buzz magazine in my office reception area and decided to flip through the pages. I saw the piece on you and….. the rest is history! I bought your book last night and now I’m reading……let’s just say you’ve got my attention especially since I have a teenage son whose hormones are flying high….lol …. I am Carantio

  3. Frank go fuck yourself says:

    Chris, I do not like you. You are a joke to me. You write like a female with daddy issues.

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