7 Things That Make Women More Attractive to Us


1. When you are comfortable with your body

At the pool, we really love the sarong that you’re wearing because it complements your skin tone. We love it even more when you take it off. When you effortlessly remove it without glancing in our direction, reach in your bag for some sun block and rub it on your body … then we would prefer to know your name than to win the Spanish Christmas Lottery.

If you are not comfortable with your body, it’s going to be hard for us to be comfortable with it.

2.  When you are elusive

I am not referring to that hard-to-get bullshit. I just mean that when we text you… it’s kind of exhilarating when you take an hour to respond (while we anxiously look at our cell phones). When a guy is courting you, try not to reply too soon to his message. He will appreciate you more if you let him wait a little. If you went out on a date to an exquisite restaurant… I’m pretty sure that if the food was served a minute after you were seated… then it would not be as pleasurable.

Disclaimer: If you know that we are playing video games, please respond promptly… it affects our concentration and nobody likes to lose in FIFA.

3.  When you wear EXTRA padded bras

I am just joking … Kind of.

Woman Reading the Business Section

4.  When you are well-informed

Intelligence is an aphrodisiac for most men.  So whether you are in the library pulling an all-nighter for a final exam tomorrow or you’re reading a Mills and Boon novel on the train. It’s sexy. Reading is synonymous with knowledge… so if you’re ever interested in getting a guy’s attention… just cross your legs and put on a pair of reading glasses.

5.  When you are decisive

When you begin to tell us something but after a few words…you say “actually… ahm… Don’t worry” … This is more frustrating than when we think we’re gonna get some good loving tonight but you’re not in the mood.  It’s that annoying.

We understand that you are incapable of making a life changing decision like “What do you want for dinner?” but we love it when we ask you “Would you like to see a movie this weekend?” and you respond “Yeah – Let’s go watch The Vow


6.  When you live a healthy lifestyle

It’s not that you don’t look fabulous.  You have an amazing body… you got it like that. There are several ways to embrace a healthy lifestyle but eating a container of lettuce is not as appealing as burning calories in a pair of adidas sweatpants. Healthy eating is great but we love it when you exercise.

Every young man hopes that his wife will still be smoking hot at 50 years old.

7.  When you engage us in fun-loving conversations

We like to make you smile but you’ve got to reciprocate. Maybe our jokes won’t be featured on Comedy Central but its nice when you appreciate our sense of humour. When you’re witty… it makes us feel at home.

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13 Responses to 7 Things That Make Women More Attractive to Us

  1. Why the extra padded bra though? You like false advertising?

  2. Read Robyn says:

    You love it when she says “Let’s go watch The Vow”. That’s certainly a first! But you’ve hit the nail on the head with the indecisiveness of my gender.

  3. Jeff says:

    Don’t forget about when a woman spends the time to cook a decent meal for a man. It shows she cares. Huge turn on!

  4. Shari Taylor-Noel says:

    Great article Chris!! I really enjoyed it and I did like the fact that you were able to incorporate some humor with the joke, and I definitely agree with you about how some women can be indecisive. It may show the lack of confidence one has when making a decision.

  5. chrislai27 says:

    Thanks Shari 🙂 ….Great Feed back! .. and yeah, its great when a lady is not indecisive 🙂

  6. The Lioness says:

    Wow! this is so true! It’s just so sad that some men dont pay attention!

  7. abigail says:

    Liked the reading glasses ting, i think it realy works,an some women realy need to stop eating lettuec an start exerciseing, this one was grate ,keep it up!!

  8. chelsie says:

    Great stuff Chris…..keep them coming

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