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Your Girl Is Putting On Weight; How Do You Tell Her

As a girl increases in age, the numbers on her scale tend to follow. Sometimes it’s barely noticeable, other times it’s more obvious. Getting old sucks. The reality is this… chances are, the body she had in her 20s will … Continue reading

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When Your Girl Is Looking Good; Here’s Why You Should Tell her

Men have all kinds of ridiculous expectations. We have traditional ones: we expect her to cook, clean and wash. We also have modern ones: she must have a degree, she must have a good job, she must have a second … Continue reading

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Why Do Women Like Men Who Are In A Relationship

In school, they like to teach us crap like y = mx + c … where m represents the gradient and c represents some bullshit. They also think it’s necessary to talk about subject verb agreement. But shouldn’t education include lessons about real life … Continue reading

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