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6 Ways A Man Will Ruin His Relationship

A relationship is hard work but, unfortunately, we often realize this too late. In the courting stages, you were enthusiastic about going out on dates, you were keen to be affectionate and you were excited to text her every day. … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why You Should Argue With Your Boyfriend

1.  When he’s complacent Sometimes we can be difficult. Or maybe I should rephrase: most times we can be difficult… especially after the courting phase is over. When we were trying to sleep with you for the first time… we … Continue reading

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4 Reasons To Support The Digicel Foundation 5K Run/Walk

  Photo Source: Digicel Foundation Jamaica It’s easy to complain about the issues that you have with Digicel. Imagine… you bought $200 credit to call a lady that you’re courting. The conversation is going great and you’re about to ask … Continue reading

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5 Things That Will Make Your Girl Cry

1.  Romance It’s important to go on date nights… just like you did in the courting stages.  But from time to time, make an effort to do something different in your relationship. A change of scenery can set the mood … Continue reading

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5 Types Of Kisses You Should Do More Often With Your Girl

1. The road kiss You’re driving along a main road, having a random conversation, when one of her favorite songs begin to play. As she glances out the window and begins to sing the chorus…. hold her hand, bring it … Continue reading

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