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5 Things That Women Should Consider When Getting Ready To Go Out

1.   Going to the hairdresser When you leave the beauty salon… you look great … but you don’t, necessarily, look your best. The stylist makes you look sharp and it takes a while for your hair to naturally fall back … Continue reading

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5 Annoying Things Men Need To Stop Doing

1.  Try to court a lady who’s in a relationship You need to respect her relationship. Not every woman is comfortable with you sending messages like “We should do lunch” … especially if you work with her. If you were … Continue reading

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Remembering Your Wife At 100 Years Old

GOAL!!! … You can hear the wild celebrations throughout the house. You wish you could watch the 2082 World Cup with your family… but they think you’re senile… so you’re left in the guest room and, occasionally, someone may check … Continue reading

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4 Double Standards That Men Should Lose

Have an issue with her past In your lifetime, it’s not okay for you to sleep with over 20 women and expect to date someone who has been involved with less than 5 guys. Truth is… you shouldn’t be investigating … Continue reading

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5 Reasons To Marry A Good Looking Woman

Source: Kathrene’s Kreative Kreations Typically, we’re attracted to women with certain physical qualities. It’s okay to have a preference – just be a man and admit it. You may be enticed by size D cups, you may have a thing … Continue reading

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