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Why Women Shouldn’t Send Men Naked Pictures

When a girl sends a man her naked picture… he gets excited… (pun intended)… because it shows that she really likes him. It strokes his ego, and it’s very useful when he’s about to knock one out. Men are drawn … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Text Too Much In Your Relationship

When you just met someone, and you’re really into them, it’s natural to get excited about talking to them. You get up before the alarm goes off… get ready in good time… and you’re off to work. You find that … Continue reading

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How A Man Should Sleep With His Woman

When a man is lying in bed, looking at his girl undress after a fun night out on the town, he’ll crave her body. And he will crave it even more when she unhooks her bra, looks suggestively at him, … Continue reading

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