How A Man Should Sleep With His Woman

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When a man is lying in bed, looking at his girl undress after a fun night out on the town, he’ll crave her body. And he will crave it even more when she unhooks her bra, looks suggestively at him, and slowly crawls into bed.

As she taunts every inch of his body, it will heighten his rampant desire for her. He will devour her lips, torture her with his touch and then take her.  And hopefully, he will last more than 5 minutes.

Anyway, after sex, if he’s really into his girl, it would be natural for him to want to cuddle. Because he enjoys being close to her… very close to her. He may stroke her arm and playfully kiss her on the shoulder. I dunno how to explain it… but there’s something about holding her closer while she stretches, then shuffles her body to align it with his, and smiles contentedly.

It’s also natural for him to fall asleep in the “spoon” position. But eventually, he should be able to roll over to the other side of the bed. It’s impossible to get a good night’s rest when you’re cuddling all night. It’s the most frustrating thing ever. His hand will get numb… her hand will get numb. He’ll want to adjust his body but he has to keep still because if he moves… she’ll wake up.

Albert Einstein once said “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Or was it Newton? One of those nerds said it… can’t remember who it was. Anyway, the point is… every time he manages to sleep, she’ll shift and wake him up. Every time she manages to fall asleep, he’ll shift and wake her up.

AND THEN YOU HAVE THE SNORING. DEAR GOD. That will drive someone crazy. This is annoying… especially when you need to get some rest because you have to go to work the next day.

So, without further ado, here is my suggestion:

Tonight, make love to your woman… hold her closely till both your bodies become the same temperature. Cuddle up wid her after. You may or may not fall asleep in that position but after awhile kiss her on the cheek and say “goodnight babes” and roll over to the other side of the bed. If she’s supposed to wake up at 6:00 am, set your alarm for 5:50 am.  When the alarm goes off in the morning, roll back over to her, put your arm around her, your foot over her… and enjoy 10 minutes of magic… till it’s time to get ready for work “Yawn”.

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14 Responses to How A Man Should Sleep With His Woman

  1. Ha! The deception! lol

  2. SHarrilal says:

    Totally agree with this article but from the female perspective. I dunno, there are the cuddle-sleepers and the regular sleepers i think. There are some who can cuddle and can achieve a good nights sleep in a tangle of limbs and combined body heat and then there are those who can’t. I can’t and would totally endorse him giving me my space after the cuddling to sleep in peace.

  3. Chris-Ann says:

    lol… good one. as usual

  4. fancystace says:

    Agreed! But I don’t need the morning deception…anymore. A much as I love a good cuddle with the hubby, I cannot nor no longer expect to stay asleep in spooning/cuddling position, it gets uncomfortable. But I do love that my partner still enjoys a good cuddle. Oh, and when I’m asleep, I’m asleep; who cares if I’m being cuddled then; cuddling should really be for when you’re awake.

  5. he he.. totally agree with your suggestion. nice one Chris!

  6. Christine says:

    I totally agree Chris. Love this!

  7. Charmaine says:

    Yes Chris, bullseye, love, love, love it

  8. Sophy Willo says:

    As always..way up!

  9. Ms. Independent says:

    I absolutely love this!

  10. Drea says:

    I really enjoy this. I love to cuddle

  11. gabvin123 says:

    I actually agree to a great extent with this and glad to know I’m not the weird one out. I especially agree about the snoring part. Who the hell wants to be woken up and kept up by that loud sound right in your ear? Not me. And if your small like me, the weight of a heavy man’s arm can be crushing.

  12. Summer says:

    Awwwwwe, so real. This article made me smile.

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