4 Ways Women Manipulate Men


Women always say “a good man is hard to find”. And it’s hard to disagree with this notion, because like I’ve said in 4 Ways Men Manipulate Women, personally I know like two or three. But somehow, no matter how difficult the search is, some girls can sniff a good guy out a mile away. These women will spot a guy and their brains begin to work … overtime … big time. He has the right look … the kids will be cute. Okay, maybe he needs a bit of polishing up, no worries … he’ll look good in a suit on the wedding day. They have it all planned out in minutes. And when these women set their eyes on you … it’s like the hunger games, it becomes more competitive than the Quarter Quell. They will do what it takes to snare you … all the while making you believe that you caught them.

1.  The Facade

This woman does her research.  She gets to know the type of girl you like, what turns you on, and she becomes it. You’re into the exercise shit … she becomes your exercise partner. She becomes the perfect girl … all that you could wish for and more. Your friends and family may see through her façade, but in your mind, what do they know. This girl has you wound up. You can’t live without her. You pop the question … she accepts … you place the ring on her hand … two months later … the perfect girl disappears … game over.

2.  The pity card

You’ve been dating for some time, she’s appears to be a nice girl but not the girl you really want. There are some issues about the relationship that concern you and you’re thinking you both should take a break … you need to clear your head. You believe in honesty and talking things through, so you tell her your feelings and walk away thinking that you’re both on the same page.  Next day you hear that she’s not doing so well. Maybe she had way too much to drink, maybe she’s having a nervous breakdown … in some cases … maybe she even tried to hurt herself. As a man, you can’t just ignore her situation when you really care about her. She needs you now more than ever… and she knows you will check up on her, comfort her, and make love to her. And more important, stay with her.

3.  “Forgetting to do something”

She recognises that you’re decent guy. Her body is awesome and the sex is mind blowing. Somewhere along the line she convinces you that you don’t need protection, she’s taken care of that, she’s on the pill. She knows your weak spot and she knows how to work it. She comes one day and tells you that “she’s late” … she’s pregnant … You ask, “How come?” She tearfully explains that she forgot to take the pill. You’re a good guy and feel fully responsible … she knows your belief system … that you’ll want to do ‘the right thing’ … so you pop the question.

4.  No idea

We get manipulated and don’t even know what the f*ck happened.  I can’t even explain something I don’t understand.

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9 Responses to 4 Ways Women Manipulate Men

  1. #4 though lol, I’m glad u realize we’re the smarter sex. But on a serious level though, I don’t believe in people using and taking advantage of others whether men or women.

  2. zolarenee says:

    Point 4! Hilarious and totally understandable based on my observations

  3. JamaicanOne says:

    women dont know what they want! Rule number 1 as a man, NEVER listen to what a woman says but watch her actions instead. Women speak with their logical mind but act on emotions. Often times they say they want a nice guy to do this and do that, someone that makes them happy, but in the end they go off with the jerk.. U know why, its because this “jerk” makes her feel good, gives her good emotions, often times the “nice guy” is well a bit boring!

    Its all a cycle, women are emotional creatures, and guys hear what you should do: make her feel good, and dont fall for her too fast, or her little games, Let Her chase you!. Hold the frame and be a Man! We are Kings

  4. Lol! This is so funny and so true!
    Its unfortunate that this is a reality.
    Oh, the games we play. smh

  5. DamionCC says:

    Spot on bro.. We all play games though

  6. Gregory Peart says:

    just getting a chance to read this….excellent as usual bro

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