4 Ways Men Manipulate Women


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Contrary to what many women may think… there are good guys out there. Personally, I know like two or three…. Just kidding. But seriously, there are decent guys out there who are genuine, understanding and thoughtful. You have guys who will do whatever it takes to remain faithful. And according to Newton’s third law of motion… when a sexy girl flirts with you… you are going to want to flirt back. Maybe this explains why I failed physics… but you get the point. So, give the faithful men some credit.

Anyhow, on the other end of the spectrum, there are the douchebags. Now, I hate this word with a passion… personally… I would say “f*ckers*. But I wouldn’t want to offend some of my readers. However, on second thought, I’m not here just to please people… I’m here to speak the truth.

My issue is this… if a man just wants to have fun (sex) then there are many women out there who are looking for the same thing. There is no need for him to manipulate things with a girl who is looking for something serious when he has no intention of settling down. It’s not cool to mess with someone’s feelings.

Those three words

You’ve been out on a few dates. He’s kissed you, nibbled on your neck, fondled your breasts. You’ve enjoyed the foreplay, and really wanted to go all the way but you weren’t ready. You want to make sure he’s right for you. You don’t want to appear to be easy.

Tonight, he invited you out for dinner. You spent hours figuring out which dress to wear because he has that impact on you. He makes you feel beautiful and you don’t want to disappoint.

After dinner, you go back to his place. He passionately kisses you while removing your dress. As things begin to intensify, you allow him to unhook your bra and he takes control of your body. But when he reaches for your undies, you say “wait” and you hold his hand. At this point his horniness is out of control. He pleads with you … and when he realizes that you are getting weak… he whispers “I love you”.


Some guys will happily play the friendship role. Maybe you’re in a relationship, maybe he thinks you’re out of his league. He probably enjoys hanging out with you, but really and truly, he just wants to get laid. So, he’ll communicate with you regularly, develop a friendship and turn to you for advice. He may even ask you to set him up with one of your friends.

He wants you to trust him. Because that will open doors for him… or more specifically… open legs for him. He knows that, eventually, both of you will happen to be out together. And inevitably, you guys will have a few drinks, dance a little, hhhhhave aaaa feew moreeeee driinksss. Do I need to say anymore?

The sad story

When a guy taps into your emotions, it’s hard for you to not fall for him. He let down his guard, opened up and confided in you. As he poured out his heart, you listened intently because you wanted to comfort him. But somewhere in the mix, you get sucked in as he shares his pain. You sympathize with him as he shows that he, too, can be vulnerable.

The next day, it’s natural for you to check up on him. After all, you care about him and he’s going through a difficult time. You begin to talk a little bit more. You realize he’s really funny… or maybe he’s not funny… but he makes you laugh. And when you connect with someone on an emotional level and he knows how to make you laugh… chances are if he makes a move… your body will oblige.

Listen to your concerns

When you and your man are going through a difficult time…of course, as your friend he’s going to be there to listen to your concerns. Most men don’t like to hear women ramble on about their problems but he will discuss your fragmented relationship for hours.

The more emotional you get, the more you want to be comforted. He  then takes you in his arms and strokes your hair. You’re going to make a mistake when you’re this vulnerable.

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10 Responses to 4 Ways Men Manipulate Women

  1. *applause* Well done indeed. Doesn’t mean we won’t still fall for the same crap, but at least we can’t say we weren’t warned.

  2. I enjoy reading your stuff 😀 Very amusing I even learn from some of it- How the other half thinks!lol keep em coming (y)

  3. Rmarie Keane says:

    You know Chris, SIGH ….very true stuff your sharing and I especially agree with the third one…its the most dangerous and the hardest, like you said, to separate your self from.

  4. Dianne C says:

    True on all accounts. Write the ladies an article on where to find the (two or three) decent men!

  5. Blax says:

    Yute, you need to report to headquarters, men are not pleased with you exposing us like this

  6. Shantae says:

    I think everything your saying is true

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  8. Danielle B says:

    So now that you have exposed the game, tell us ladies how we can turn the tables around. Lol

  9. Asha Rhoden says:

    This is so true, so ladies be wiser now and get a grip of yourself. Let’s be on top now and take the lead.

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