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Why You Shouldn’t Always Be A Nice Guy In Relationships

If you’ve read my articles before… you’ll know that I’m big on romance. In relationships, I encourage men to be affectionate with their girls. I also believe that men should be more adventurous… because kissing your girl on the couch … Continue reading

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Why A Girl Shouldn’t Let Her Cheating Ex-Man Ruin Her Future

When you first met your guy… things were perfect. You would stay up late at nights talking on the phone, knowing that you had work in the morning. Because who needs 8 hours of sleep when you’re in love. And … Continue reading

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Why Every Man In A Relationship Needs To Make A Big Deal Out Of Valentine’s Day

Close to Valentine’s Day, some men will find a reason to break up with their girl. They can’t be bothered to buy a gift; they don’t like her that much or they’re just not into the romantic thing. Now, you … Continue reading

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