4 Contradictory Things Every Woman Wants


Contradiction 1 

She wants you to slowly unbutton her shirt while you leave a trail of kisses from her lips down to her breasts. As you unhook her bra, remove the rest of her clothes and gently peel away her undies… she shudders in anticipation.

Romance is great but sometimes you need to change it up a bit. Quickies will ignite sexual passion. So, when you find yourself in the moment… Kiss her passionately, unzip your pants and take care of business. You don’t have time to get undressed… she wants it right there and then. She wants you to be aggressive… she wants you to turn her around and spank her ass.

Contradiction 2

It’s natural for her to feel vulnerable talking about really sensitive issues. When she begins to explain the most touching issue… her eyes will become filled with tears and she’ll begin to sob. But as you guide her head towards your chest, put your arms around her and let her know that “everything will be okay”… she will begin to feel a little better.

There are times when she has a lot on her mind but she prefers to process her thoughts alone. She doesn’t want your opinion, she doesn’t want you to console her. She’s independent and can figure out things on her own. When she’s good and ready, she’ll include you. So, give her some space.

Contradiction 3

When she gives you the silent treatment… you know you’re in trouble. She expects you to read her mind and figure out where you went wrong. Hopefully, you’ll find a clue when you search your phone. But then again, hopefully you don’t find a clue because that would mean you’ve been messaging another girl and then you’re in for some serious shit. Maybe, it’s something simple?… Who knows? Anyway, figure it out soon because she expects you to.

On the flip side, sometimes, when she gives you the silent treatment… she knows that you will never figure it out. So, while you’re a scurrying around the place, trying to figure out what you did wrong… she’s appears to be calm … when in fact… she’s boiling up inside, waiting for the right moment to unleash. Brace yourself!

Silent treatment is confusing, contradicting and annoying… ain’t nobody understand that shit.  

Contradiction 4

It’s cool when you take charge of the relationship and plan a nice outing with your girl. She’ll appreciate the effort you made… and who doesn’t enjoy a good time.

It’s even cooler when, in the middle of good vibe, you randomly suggest that you take a trip somewhere. And a few minutes later, you’re in a car, on the way to somewhere fun. It can’t hurt to pick up a few beers along the way, it can’t hurt to sing at the top of your voice when a catchy song is on, it can’t hurt to be spontaneous.

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About Christopher Lai

Christopher Lai is an award winning Jamaican relationship blogger and author. His articles have appeared in The Huffington Post and Thought Catalog.
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7 Responses to 4 Contradictory Things Every Woman Wants

  1. Mary Bent says:

    on point, but u left out one thing….when there is an argument, both approaches to that- the flip side, I’m loving this issue tho, keep em coming Lai-er!

  2. Mary Bent says:

    we need some roughing up sometimes during an argument, much like at contradiction 1

  3. Elizabeth Clacken says:

    Interesting point noted here

  4. D says:

    Contradiction # 1 applies to everyone. Much like men want to be in rrlationships but also like to have sex with other women. It’s a case of “variety i the spice of life”. The same old same old get boring and the new nd different is fun and exciting.

    • Tash says:

      Wait, what?? Before I say anything, lemme see if I read right. “In a relationship and have sex with other women” at the same time?

  5. Mickha says:

    Yes yes yes!!! Wonderfully spoken. Great choice of words 🙂 you really put it out there. I love it….hahahaha its all so true, every bit of it 🙂

  6. boozer says:

    Do we really have to cower to her childish behaviors and irrational beliefs? The answer is obviously no, yet this the kind of advice men keep getting. We’re supposed to live our lives to avoid getting in “trouble” by some woman? We’re even supposed to guess why she’s mad at us while she sits there silently? What has happened to men? It’s pathetic!

    Guys, we don’t have to cater to and support a crazy chick’s craziness. Take it as a sign of things to come and find a girl with some maturity. If you can.

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