Why Women Prefer Men With Money

Retro couple against old car.

When you first met your girl… you took her to dinner, you took her to the movies, you took her to the club. And, she really enjoyed your company because you were thoughtful, engaging and hilarious. Okay, maybe you were a little corny… but you knew exactly how to make her blush. And when you inched closer, put your arms around her… paused… and kissed her for the first time …. she felt desired.

As time goes by, you find that you spend more time at home because you can’t be bothered to waste money at the club… to listen to the same music and to see the same people. But when you wanted to have sex with her for the first time… you were on the dance floor till they started to play Celine Dion.

How ironic it is that when your boys ask you to go out… you’re instantly energized and forget about your budget. The lure of meeting and dancing with new girls is enticing… even if you have to listen to same music and see the same people.

Women like to have fun. After a hard week of work (or exams)… it’s nice to de-stress with a few glasses of wine… or when she’s on vacation, it’s relaxing to take an out-of-town trip.  And sure, she should be independent… but being independent doesn’t mean she should always go out with her girlfriends because you can’t afford to take her… and being independent certainly doesn’t mean she should perpetually foot the bill for the both of you.

To live comfortably, it’s natural for a woman to prefer a man with money because, together, they can afford to live a better life. And this does not mean she’s materialistic. People always say that ‘money can’t buy happiness’ but every single woman I know wants to travel, and to the best of my knowledge… this isn’t free. In fact, perhaps, the most defining moment in a couple’s life is when they’re in front of the pastor saying “I do” … and for the record… the wedding reception isn’t free.

Now don’t get me wrong… it’s nice to stay at home and chill with your girl. It’s even nicer if, in the middle of a TV series, she leans into you, rests her head on your chest and falls asleep in your arms. You simply can’t buy wonderful pleasures like cuddling. And these pleasures are the backbone of a relationship.

But you must understand that there are things she’d like to experience. And let’s also be real, a girl loves an ambitious man. His ability to take control of situations, his drive to be successful, his sense of responsibility… these attributes are a big turn on.

Now, let me be clear… when you’ve just met a good woman, she doesn’t expect you to have money. That’s not why she’s dating you. And of course, she’ll stay by your side during the difficult times. But at some point, you need to fulfil your potential and aspire to improve yourself in your profession. Because if you love her, you would work your ass off to ensure that, together, you get to tick off a few bucket list items… to ensure that, together, you can enjoy weekend outings and… to ensure that, together, you can provide for your children.

If a woman prefers her man to have money… it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s a gold digger… it can simply mean that she wants to experience life with you.

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16 Responses to Why Women Prefer Men With Money

  1. Hoshi says:

    Oh how I love this article….it couldn’t be any better. Great job!

  2. Bob says:

    Or maybe shes just a vampire?

  3. Char Lesie says:

    Loved the article! You highlighted a very real issue with many relationships. But I think that for some women, it’s not necessarily that we want a man who has money so much as we want a man who does things for us, who makes plans, and gets stuff done. Sitting at home, cuddling while watching a movie and eating pizza or a nice home cooked meal is lovely, but we do that almost every night. Every now and then we’d like to be taken out of the house, given an opportunity to dress up and impress our men, and do something fun. And those things don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are quite a number of things couples can do like wine tasting, that’s not as expensive as one would think, but it’s a great experience that I would recommend. And trust me, anything that involves wine is a winner!

  4. Bang, Bang, Bang! on target with this one Chris!!

  5. Tiffy says:

    Amen…..You couldn’t have summed it up any better.

  6. nikcoy says:

    great tips

  7. cordelia says:

    Finally a guy gets it and is willing to say it!!! Good going!

  8. This author shares my sentiments to the t. I am not rich nor where I want to be but the same way as a man we desire a woman of certain ambition is the same way women feel. Kudos author well done.

  9. tandra says:

    Great article, my sentiments exactly

  10. Kashta says:

    Char Lesi, I agree with you totally. I have dated quite a few men that are very wealthy (for some reason I tend to attract them) and I have dated men who are nowhere near wealthy, and i have found that it’s not the money at all that makes the relationship good or not good. It’s the mindset of the man. I have seen cases where a wealthy man relies solely on his wealth to impress rather than his personality, and spends ridiculous amounts of money on gifts and outings. If the woman is a gold digger this would work well, but if she is looking for love and to connect with someone, this can actually be a major turn off. Some wealthy men go to the opposite extreme and are very stingy, in order to guard against being used for their money. That also is a turn off, as it is an insult to the woman’s integrity… A good woman anyway. So to be honest, money is not really the issue. A rich man with no personality and a warped mindset is guaranteed nothing but a long line of gold diggers…which is what they usually end up with anyway.

    Chris, your point about women being attracted to men who are ambitious, who take control and accept responsibility is well taken. Rich or not rich, these guys will always win out against those who are cowardly, indecisive, unambitious and incapable of making things happen. That’s just how women have been socialized. These traits are interpreted as strength, and women gravitate to strength everyday, all day.

  11. Jazuri J says:

    As a natural born pleaser… I love this!! The effort (going out, nice treats, vacations, quality time) is even more important than the actual ‘items’ received. Maslow hierarchy is at its finest in this article.

  12. She Says says:

    Reblogged this on Mirror of Her Mind and commented:
    What do you all think?

  13. This article is fantastic! Hit the nail on the head!

  14. boozer says:

    “… it’s natural for a woman to prefer a man with money because, together, they can afford to live a better life.”

    Together? Let’s be real, the girl looking for a guy with money probably doesn’t have much of her own, so affording things “together” doesn’t mean much. These are the women bragging to their friends about the things he bought her and the places he took her. When they pool their money, hers is more of a puddle.

    The guy with money doesn’t need her help to afford things he wants, he just buys them. Now he’s buying stuff for her. Is she materialistic? Ask her jeweler. We all know why women go after a guy with money, it’s no mystery. Why try to put some crazy positive spin on it? This article is really just putting lipstick on a gold digger.

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