5 Things A Man Should Talk To His Girl About


1.  Sex

It’s natural to feel that you’re a stallion in bed. After all, you did an outstanding job – you lasted an hour and she made all kinds of noises. But did you give her breasts enough attention? You probably fondled her nipples during foreplay but forgot about them when it was crunch time. And it’s a pity because it may have resulted in a bigger orgasm for her.

Every woman’s body is different and you should know the desired areas that will provide extra stimulation. Through experiencing her body, you’ll be able to sense what makes her tingle but to really know her most sensitive spots… you can ask her.

2.  Her career goals

A woman’s career path is very important to her. If she’s progressing in her career… she may be exposed to bitterness at the workplace (yes – gender discrimination still exists). If she’s not progressing in her career… she may become very frustrated.

You may not be in a position to really help, but you can make an effort to listen to her concerns because you understand the importance of being able to provide useful feedback. Who knows… your unconditional support may be the catalyst she needs to keep pushing.

3.  Her future plans (marriage, children etc.)

Sometimes it’s difficult to approach this topic without coming off as being clingy. But if you’re serious about this girl, it’s good to know her plans for the future. Perhaps you can initiate a light-hearted conversation with her and then broach the all-important subject.

4.  How to keep the spark alive

We tend to get complacent in our relationship. It’s not that we lose interest (or love the person any less) but it’s natural to become comfortable. These days, when you have sex, she no longer feels sexy. When she wears her favourite dress, she no longer feels beautiful.

It’s important to communicate with your lady love, to be reminded of the things you need to do to keep the sparks alive. You see, if you ever lose the passion in your relationship, then it’s like watching a football game, and your team is losing by 5-0.

I recently met a very old couple (in their 70s). They were all bubbly and cute. When I asked the man “How do you remain in love for so long?” … he responded “As long as I’m able to kiss my wife, I will do so with meaning” (Then he proceeded to show me what he meant… and I was scratching my head, acting like it wasn’t awkward)

5.  Your insecurities

I understand the need to be macho around your friends; we’re all guilty of that. There’s nothing like drinking a Guinness, chatting shit, and cussing up bad words. But as a man, you also go through difficult times. These issues may affect your demeanour and effectively, destabilize your relationship.

Maybe you can discuss your personal problems with your bredrin dem (male friends) but you won’t feel comfortable enough to delve into the most sensitive issue. But when you’re with a good woman, you can let down your guard and let her know what’s really bothering you… without feeling self-conscious.

Please note that you don’t have to be a big cry baby like Neymar Jr but that’s between you and your woman.

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5 Responses to 5 Things A Man Should Talk To His Girl About

  1. Jermaine Dennis says:

    You never cease to amaze me yute, very clever injecting the last topic of discussion, saving the best for last. I think a lot of men don’t like opening up to discuss sensitive topics because of fear of knowing what their brethren might think of who they are; weak, insecure, mama man, etc etc….but for me real man knows that for him to become a complete man he has to at some point in time show his flaws, weaknesses, sometimes crying in front of his woman……that’s sexy in a woman’s perspective. Thats a whole lot emotional goldmine she’s willing to explore there so.Thanks for the reminder, good article, keep it up.

  2. Theres something that I would like to add to # 4.Chris it is very important in a relationship to know that complacency kills relationships,before you hooked up you would go out more often not necessarily on an expensive date but you guys would find nice little spots to just be with each other ,when your relationship is established you are sometimes both caught up with life and prioritize differently what makes a relationship work is looking at it like a great job that you need to work at in order to excel at it,for exampe compliments women thrive on compliments and they never get too many of them,women are emotional creatures feed their ego and they thrive.So treat her like youre still dating.Ive been around a lot my women friends and the reason I hear them complain the most about is that they feel under appreciated . Show the person in your life that you appreciate them in what ever way you deem to be fit,sex although important is not showing appreciation.Take time to know the person your’re with because you just might miss out on a wonderful person by not taking the time to just observe .Know that when your partner is satisfied the relationship is harmonious work at it guys.

  3. Mr. Wilson says:

    And None of these things will matter if u dont have the Confidence and experience in being a “MAN”. I say this bcuz u can have all these qualities, and never have the respect of women or engage in a meaningful relationship. While U can be a Complete “A-hole” and woman ah dead ova u. Alot of men dont only need coaching like this, bcuz if they focus on doing these things only they’ll still end up alone and/or frustrated, saying to themselves “but….I’m a nice guy.” Good read, but only half of the truth.

  4. Jovian James says:

    Damn youth, i love this!!!!!

  5. Cara Smythe says:

    This is really interesting

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