5 Things That Will Make Your Girl Not Trust You

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1.  Your “friend”

When you have a female friend that your girl doesn’t particularly care for… it’s very unsettling. You constantly reiterate that the relationship is platonic but she can’t understand why you spend so much time with her, she can’t understand why your friend thinks that it’s okay to text you at 11:00 pm, she can’t understand why you get so defensive.

There’s nothing wrong with having female friends but you shouldn’t cross certain boundaries because it will eventually undermine your relationship.

2.  Staring at other women

When you’re out with your girl and you try sneak a look at the pretty lady with size D cups… this is very disrespectful. Your girl may playfully slap you on the shoulder and say “I saw that” but deep down she probably feels slighted.

3.  Lack of communication

There are times when you have to work late, there are times when you’re out with your friends, there are times when you’re playing FIFA. Clearly, you can’t always have an ongoing conversation with your lady love but surely you can find the time to check up on her. The truth is… if you were trying to have sex for the first time… you would make the time to touch base with her… even if you’re in an important meeting with your boss.

4.  When you’re shady with your phone etc.

You’re not expected to share everything with your girlfriend. Some things, you’d rather keep private and that’s fine. However, it’s unnerving when you’re always eager to protect your phone (or laptop). Your demeanor would suggest that you have something to hide and that’s always going to make her suspicious.

No woman will trust a man who is edgy around his technological devices. You know – it’s actually ironic that if you gave her your password, she would be less inclined to check your stuff. Because when you act trustworthy, she has no reason to behave like inspector gadget. On the contrary, when you behave secretive… she’ll begin to lose faith in you like Arsenal fans.

5.  When the romance fades

You used to nibble on her ear, then pause momentarily; all while moving towards the bed. She would put her hands in the air, you would slowly take off her top. Then, you would look deeply into her eyes and begin to kiss her passionately — her body melted against yours.

Nowadays, you can’t be bothered with all that romantic stuff… you just want to satisfy your needs.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re interested in someone else but it will cross her mind. She’ll sense the difference in the bedroom. And even if you’re faithful, no girl wants to be with someone who no longer makes her feel desired.

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7 Responses to 5 Things That Will Make Your Girl Not Trust You

  1. Stacey Guyah says:

    On point as usual Chris!

  2. Jan says:

    Soo true!! Great article as usual. Keep em coming.

  3. Lorane says:

    Great as always .. # 1 .. those “after dark texts” smh

  4. Again Mr Lai you’ve hit that nail again especially on #4 the phone issue which is very very true. Very good read,i applaud you once again.

  5. Marlene Harris says:

    This is so true …

  6. Tanesha Mathie says:

    You are so on point…thank you for your great information and advice.

  7. Danielle says:

    “lose faith in you like Arsenal fans…” had me rolling ahahahaha

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