5 Types Of Hugs You Should Do More Often With Your Girl

 hug 4

1.  The behind hug

Sometimes a woman just has a lot on her mind. Initially, the problem was trivial but as she began to overthink, as she began to overanalyse, she begins to complicate things… the simple problem now becomes a big stress.

You may not have the solution but when you randomly catch her in a daze… hug her from behind, breathe a little in her neck, and then kiss her on the shoulder. She’ll sense that you care about her in ways that words can’t explain. And when she closes her eyes and inhales… she’ll want you to turn her around, push aside that errant wisp of hair and kiss her tenderly.

2.  The party hug

It’s Friday evening, and you took your girl out to dance the night away. You’re both having a great time; dancing to upbeat music that requires her to back you up against the wall. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with some good, clean fun. But when the Deejay slows down the music … you motion her to turn around. And when the Deejay plays “All of me”, you hold her very closely because you can’t get enough of her.

3.  The dream hug

After you kissed her on the cheek while she was asleep to influence her dream… she was off to  la la land… so, instead of being chased by a giant roach, instead of free falling, instead of suffering from paralysis… she was right by your side on top off the Eiffel Tower.

Then something woke her up momentarily. Maybe it was when you shuffled, maybe it was the chirps of the birds, maybe it was the sound of the raindrops.  But you’re not about to let her dream end, so you put your hand around her and inch closer … she naturally spoons against your body. A few minutes later… she’s breathless from being passionately kissed by you on top off the Eiffel Tower.

4.  The greeting hug

After not seeing her for a few days, it’s natural to greet her with a big warm hug. As she puts her arms around you, surprise her by lifting her off her feet. She’s guaranteed to wrap her legs around you. She’s also guaranteed to smile.

5.  The emotional hug

You’re at home with your girl watching the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie. Okay, maybe that’s pushing it. You’re at home watching a romantic comedy with some guy who can’t act … like the tall guy who they thought could replace Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men. Really? Anyway, relationships are about being able to compromise. And even if you, or Demi Moore, don’t find him funny, it’s more about spending time with your partner.

When you’re both snuggled up on the couch (or in bed), it’s really cool that she sneakily tries to take most of the cover. It’s even cooler when she rests her head on your chest. As the movie credits begin to roll, her body becomes entwined with yours. You begin to feel more comfortable, you slowly rub her arm and then you kiss her on the temple.

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  1. Missy May says:

    This is really lovely!! Great post!! I need to direct someone to this post. Haha..


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