6 Reasons to be Nervous with your Girl


nercous 3

1.  The first kiss

In the middle of the conversation, you both become silent. Her touch sends you into a tailspin. For a second, you regain your composure but the moment is still overwhelming as she looks at your parted lips. You try to control your anxiety as you inch closer.

2.  The first time you had sex

You think that tonight’s the night… you head to the pharmacy (or gas station) to pick up a pack of condoms. The old lady behind you in the line looks judgmental, so you say to her “you can go ahead”. Now, you’re anxiously looking around the place like you stole something. Why does buying condoms have to be so awkward?

Anyway, after you finally got the pack… you’re ready! … Or so you think. Throughout the day, you had a proper meal… you also had sour sop juice. You pretty much psyched up yourself for tonight. But when you really like someone, it’s natural to be nervous… even if you’re a stud muffin in bed. You know that first impressions are everlasting and you don’t want to come first.

3.  Another girl

At 10:15 pm, when another woman sends you a text message “Hey babe… whats up?”… you know you’re in trouble (even if you are innocent). Clearly, this girl was comfortable enough to think it was cool to message you this late and clearly you’re going to have to answer these questions “Who is this?” “Why is she messaging you?” “Why is she calling you babe?” “So, are you gonna respond?”

4.  During a scary movie

Imagine, while you’re watching a movie like “The Ring” or “The Conjuring”… she jumps on you, covers her face and says “I can’t watch”. You know what… f*ck this shit… I can’t give advice on this point. That little f*cker Chucky scared the shit out of me when I was a child.

5.  On rides

Women like men who are spontaneous, exciting and fun-loving. If your girl is into doing stuff that gives an adrenaline rush… just go for it. So whether you’re on a roller coaster at Six Flags, whether you’re zip lining at Mystic Mountains, whether you’re jumping off Rick’s café… it’s okay to be shaking in your knees and yelling at the top of your voice.

Please note that screaming is different from yelling. Screaming is unacceptable.

6.  When you’re ready to take the next step

You enjoy holding her from behind, kissing her on the shoulder, kissing her on her neck and turning her around. But more importantly, you really enjoy spending time with her. Maybe you’re afraid to watch The Ring but you’re not afraid to tell her that you love her, you’re not afraid to plan your future with her, you’re not afraid to go down on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of her life with you… with The Ring.

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2 Responses to 6 Reasons to be Nervous with your Girl

  1. Char Lesie says:

    Beautiful post Chris, loved it! DWL at “Screaming is unacceptable”!

  2. aneka darling says:

    i always enjoy reading your post

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