3 Ways to Define Love


A marketing manager jokingly asked me to define love: I told her “Love is like calculus” and I began explaining the concept of differentiation to her. She was clueless and remarked “Huh? … I don’t understand” So, I responded “it takes time to understand calculus, some questions you’ll never figure out, sometimes you’ll feel like giving up…  but when you put in the effort,  when you try to understand the problem, when you never give up… you’ll understand. If, however, you cheat on your exam, you’ll probably get an A but you won’t be able to pass integration (Calculus 2).”

Then she said to me… “Love is like Gap Analysis” and she began explaining the concept of some fancy marketing stuff…

At the end of our conversation, she said “my best friend knew that she wanted to be a doctor from she was 10 years old… she was heartbroken when she didn’t get into med school after completing  her 1st degree… but she kept trying and eventually she got accepted. She graduated a few years ago and she’s now a Cardiologist. She recently left her boyfriend because she no longer felt the same way about him… Maybe I’ll tell her that “Love is like Cardiology.”

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About Christopher Lai

Christopher Lai is an award winning Jamaican relationship blogger and author. His articles have appeared in The Huffington Post and Thought Catalog.
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3 Responses to 3 Ways to Define Love

  1. Char Lesie says:

    I can identify with the Calculus analogy. I would even add that you’re not sure why or how it works, but when you solve an equation, you feel like a genius. Just like in love, when you’ve figured out how the two of you work, you feel like Albert fricking Einstein and all is awesome with the world. Love is like Calculus yes!

  2. chrislai27 says:

    Hey Char… Agree with you 100 % 🙂

  3. EmmaBelle says:

    Awwww …Great Read. I think love is life, its all around us, if we limit ourselves to definitions or concepts it will block the beauty of this mysterious wonder.

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