6 Ways to Deal with a Break-up


You were certain that they were the one. Your family loved them, you envisioned a future together, you really miss them. Maybe you’re secretly hoping that things can work out again, maybe you don’t ever want to hear back from your ex again, maybe you don’t know what you want. Sometimes, things are not meant to be… here are 6 ways to help you move on:

1.  Stay busy

Ensure that you always have something to do. It’s an opportunity to study harder, it’s a chance to become more proactive at work, it’s an opportunity to tick off a bucket list item. I’m not saying that you should avoid thinking about the situation but it can be harmful to overanalyse your predicament all day. When you spend hours reminiscing about your ex… you’re likely to do something embarrassing.

You may end up sending them a long text message (or email)… telling them how much you care about them and showing how vulnerable you are. Then, when they don’t respond, you block them, delete all their photos and feel like an idiot.

2.  Don’t eat too much comfort food

There is only one way to say this: f*ck the chocolates!

3.  Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins which will prompt a positive feeling in the body or some bullshit like that. There are all kinds of scientific benefits that highlight the importance of exercise but, basically, when you go for a nice long run… it allows you to buss a sweat, feel good about yourself and think clearly.

When you’re jogging… try not to listen to sappy music because you don’t want to get all nostalgic. So, if Bruno Mars is on your playlist singing “same bed but if feels just a little bigger now”… switch the music immediately to a more understanding artiste. I would recommend 50 Cent but he hasn’t had a hit song since we were all in high school.

4.  Don’t discuss your break-up with everyone

Your friends will provide you with unsolicited advice and it may be useful. But when you have to repeat your story to 20 different people… you will get contrasting views which will make you a confused wreck. Additionally – think how exhausting it must be to revisit your dilemma repeatedly.

5.  Go out

You sure as hell need to go out this weekend and have fun. Perhaps, you may need more time to fully move on but socializing with new people can’t be a bad thing… especially if they’re cute. What’s wrong with a little harmless flirting?

6.  Control your emotions

It’s natural for you to remember the good times, miss your ex and become emotional. It may hurt you to the point where you become teary eyed, put your hands on your face and let it all out. We all deal with break-ups differently but it’s not healthy to revisit the past too often… it will become overwhelming.

You honestly don’t want to end up like Christino Ronaldo who cries when he wins, cries when he loses, cries for every flipping thing.

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3 Responses to 6 Ways to Deal with a Break-up

  1. princesscollin says:

    great advice wish I knew these for the past few years

  2. Mztee says:

    Wish I had seen this 2yrs ago, any o am pass that now😊😊😊😊.

  3. Toyah says:

    Good article you make some interesting points

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