When Your Girl Is Looking Good; Here’s Why You Should Tell her

A happy African American man and woman couple in their thirties sitting at home together cuddling & laughing.

Men have all kinds of ridiculous expectations. We have traditional ones: we expect her to cook, clean and wash. We also have modern ones: she must have a degree, she must have a good job, she must have a second degree. And if we have children… we want her to take care of them. We’re not going to change diapers at 2:00 am. Actually, we’re not going to change diapers, period. What an unreasonable bunch we are.

And, last but not least, we all have the ultimate expectation. We want a pretty girl… and we want her to look good all the time. Actually, in a perfect world, we want a drop dead gorgeous girl, but life isn’t perfect, so we’re cool with pretty.

But why do we need a pretty girl? Well, we enjoy having sex with someone with certain physical attributes. We like it when other men stare at her in admiration, and acknowledge that we’re the boss.  We also love it when other girls remark “your girlfriend is so pretty.” Basically, we are shallow.

Now, being shallow is by no means a good thing. But throughout our lives, we’ve been socialized that way. So, it’s difficult to make a 180 degree turn overnight. We can, however, take baby steps to improve our relationships. And we can start by being more appreciative.

Okay, so we want a super-hot girl. Fine.

We need to, however, understand what it takes for a woman to look her best. Well, it begins with her having to go to the hairdresser, and maybe sitting under that alien-looking helmet that blows hot air. So, her head is on fire for hours.

Then we have the whole make-up saga. Applying all that powder on her face must be annoying. It must even be more annoying, if the place is hot, and she has to constantly visit the restroom, to reapply. Like, how do you have all that powder on your face and not want to sneeze?

And we could go and on… we could talk about the stress that goes into selecting a dress. And if that’s not enough, we could speak about the stuff that complements the dress (nails, handbag, and accessories). And how could we ever forget about heels. I honestly don’t know how women wear them all night. Walking home in football boots is uncomfortable enough.

That being said, it’s important to show some appreciation.

When you pick her up to go to the movies … it makes a big difference if you say to her “you look really pretty … is that a new top?” You’d be surprised to know how much of an impact you can make by noticing the little things. And it makes a bigger difference if you put your arms around her, and pull her close. Because when you’re affectionate with your girl, she can tell that you’re still attracted to her. And your affection will make her feel desired.

If you’ve made plans to go out for dinner, and she’s taking forever to get ready… try to be understanding.  Sure, it’s a little annoying when you have to wait… but perfection takes time. Half an hour later, when she finally comes up to you and says “I’m ready”… just look at her and smile. And when she says “what?” … just reply “you look beautiful.”

Imagine if you played football… and you trained really hard… and scored 3 goals in the semi-finals. After the game, your coach did not even congratulate you on your outstanding performance. How would that make you feel? The truth is, it may affect your confidence going into the finals. After all, even the best players need to feel appreciated, or else they’ll start looking at other clubs.

Every girl wants to be complimented by their guy. So don’t listen to women who say silly stuff like “I dress up to look good for myself.” That is a load of bullshit. If she’s home alone, do you think she’s going to get her hair done, put on makeup and dress up to watch her favourite TV series? In fact, she’ll do quite the opposite… she’ll take off her bra, let down her hair and put on the most worn-out t-shirt.

And by the way, if you happen to see her in this relaxed state… it’s pretty cool if you let her know how sexy she is. Women have this way of looking hot, when they’re not even trying. And it’s okay to let her know.

Women don’t read minds. How ironic.

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2 Responses to When Your Girl Is Looking Good; Here’s Why You Should Tell her

  1. joeythebuddhist says:

    I sometimes have this kinda smile with my girlfriend, she’s lovely!

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