Your Girl Is Putting On Weight; How Do You Tell Her

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As a girl increases in age, the numbers on her scale tend to follow. Sometimes it’s barely noticeable, other times it’s more obvious. Getting old sucks. The reality is this… chances are, the body she had in her 20s will not be the same in her 30s. And oh yeah, let’s not forget how difficult it is for a girl to get back in shape after giving birth to a munchkin.

As men, we have high expectations for our women. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting your girl to be super-hot. After all, it’s likely you began dating her because that perpetual summer body she had instantly turned you on.  Initially, we’re attracted to beauty not personality.

Now, ladies, I know you’re probably whispering under your breaths “men are shallow”. And you’re right. But you need to understand something. When your body looks good, it’s natural for us to be drawn to you. When you come out of the shower with your towel wrapped around you, sit on the bed, and apply your body cream… our thing will get hard like a baseball bat. We’ll lie in bed, stare in admiration, and eagerly wait to touch you in all the right places.

When we’re attracted to you, we’re also more willing to cuddle. Why? Because we like how your body feels. When we’re watching a movie, it feels right to put our arms around you, pull you close and spontaneously kiss you on the neck.

And sure, we can be a little shallow at times. But let me tell you. When we go out, and you’re looking hot, it’s good for our egos. We like to know that we’re out with this hottie. We like to know that other men think you’re hot. We like to know that other women think you’re hot. Don’t question it. Just take my word for it.

Ladies, did I forget to mention that when you’re in shape, it’s good for your confidence. Yeah, when you feel sexy, you’ll have a certain demeanour… and that makes you even sexier. And this confidence filters into other areas of your life. You may even find that on a whole you’ve become more productive. You just feel good about yourself.

Now, that being said… gentlemen if you’re in a relationship where your girl is getting a little overweight, and it bothers you because you’d like to see her looking her best, or you’re genuinely concerned that it’s not good for her health… here’s something to consider.

Honestly, you cannot tell her that she’s getting fat. Never tell a girl that she’s fat. It would be equivalent to her saying “you’re lame in bed”. And a comment like that would make any man insecure… for life.

So again, don’t ever tell a girl that she’s fat. There’s no need to crush her self-esteem.

You can, however, encourage her to exercise with you. Perhaps you could randomly bring up the gym topic in a conversation “I never know Fit Farm was just $7,000 a month… I think I’m going to sign up.” She may show some interest, and you can take it from there.

Or maybe you could ask her to go jogging with you. And hopefully, she responds favourably. However, if she’s being difficult, you’re going to have to take control of the situation. Tell her kindly “Babes, I need a work-out partner… so we’ll go for a run on Saturday” … You can let her choose the time, that way she’ll feel like she has a say in the matter.

So, ladies, if your man is subtly encouraging you to exercise, please don’t take it the wrong way and make it an issue. Instead, embrace the opportunity to bond with your guy in a different setting, embrace the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle, embrace the opportunity to regain your confidence.

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  1. sheree sheree says:

    Would be great to get some tips on what women should do if the man is putting on a few pounds or growing a beer belly. As women, we have high expectations for our men. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting our guy to be super-hot. After all, it’s likely we began dating him because that perpetual summer body he had instantly turned us on.

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