How To Prepare For A Date


When a girl has a crush on a man and he asks her out… she’ll get excited, call her bestie and say “OMG… guess who just asked me out”.  Likewise, if he’s really into her… and she says YES… he’ll smile, punch the air and call up his homie.

By all means, you should be excited about your date. And you should also be a little anxious; it’s natural to feel that way when you’re into someone.

Anyhow, for the heck of it, let’s say your date is tomorrow at 8:00pm … Now ladies, I completely understand that it takes time to put on your dress, apply makeup, look in the mirror, change your mind, try on a different dress, reapply makeup, and then put on the original dress. But some guys get really annoyed when you’re not punctual. So, if you take forever to get ready, set your watch one hour earlier. And call it DateNight Saving Time (DST).

Basically, when your watch (or phone) says 8:00pm… it would actually be 7:00pm 🙂

And, gentlemen, it only takes 15 minutes to get ready. So don’t mess up, reach on time. Remember, first impressions are lasting.

Before you meet up with your crush, you should find out a little bit about the person. Do your homework — via text messages, ask a few questions that will reveal their interests. You don’t have to get in-depth… you just need to have a general idea. And when they respond… the real work begins.

It’s important to be equipped with knowledge to engage in meaningful conversation. Turn on your laptop, open your browser and google away. You can learn a lot at the last minute… like a student preparing for final exams.  Oh yeah, and in this case, Wikipedia is an acceptable source.

So, guys, if she likes to paint, it would be pretty cool if you ask questions to show that you’re interested “Which galleries would you like to go to?” “How long have you been painting?” And when you’re ready to win over her heart… just throw in some random fact like Did you know that the Mona Lisa has its own room in the Louvre… and the room cost over seven million dollars?

Similarly ladies, if he likes to watch basketball, it would be great if you can keep the conversation going with questions like “Who’s your favourite team?” “Why are they your favourite team?” …. And if you want him to fall for you… you just gotta say something simple like Do you think Steph Curry should have won the NBA… or should it have been James Harden?

You really don’t need to be an expert on the topic being discussed. But if your date is passionate about something, you’ll leave a great impression if you listen keenly, show enthusiasm, and contribute to the conversation.

The truth is… if things were to materialize into a relationship, it’s absolutely important to be interested in stuff that makes your partner happy.  And date night is a good way to show that you have the potential to do so.

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