Why Are You Single?


Hey everyone, check out this guest post by Krista Henry. Hope you like it!

As a woman gets closer to her thirties and beyond ‘Why are you single?’ becomes the question that keeps on giving. Despite the many ‘baby mi woulda deh wid yuh’ from the random men on the street, for many an accomplished woman, being in a relationship isn’t as easy as everyone makes it out to be.

After a while self-evaluations are in order as you tick off the reasons you shouldn’t be single:

1) Is it the looks? Nope. Nuh tree nah grow inna yuh face (check)

2) Intelligence (You’re reading this so – check)

3) The sex – come on you can swing off the chandelier if you wanted to (check)

4) And the list goes on…fun, quirky, exciting…. (check)

So if the reason isn’t you then what is it? Truth be told there are a lot of women who for whatever reason can’t find a mate suitable enough; found him and let him go because the timing wasn’t right and some lucky girl went and snatched him up. Or simply spent too much time when they were younger wasting years on someone who wasn’t worth it. Sounds familiar?

If you simply can’t find Mr. Right or even Mr. Right Now, what is so wrong with being single? Why is it frowned upon, written off in romantic comedies as a tragic ending and why is everyone so concerned about it? Is it wrong to be single? And if you’re attractive and single does the next question have to be, ‘Are you gay?’

One valuable thing about getting older is that you know better. You’ve lived, you’ve learned and you know not to settle. You’d rather be single than be with someone who will make you, your kids and possibly your grandkids miserable for the rest of your lives. The romantic side waits on Prince Charming while the independent female side says it ain’t gonna happen.

If that fairytale moment doesn’t happen or happen as planned, learn that single isn’t so bad. Single doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. Being single means you’re taking control of your life, taking the time to be the best ‘YOU’ you can be, and deciding who you want to share it with.

Krista Henry is a former Writer for the Jamaica Gleaner. Follow her on twitter. @thekristahenry.

About Christopher Lai

Christopher Lai is an award winning Jamaican relationship blogger and author. His articles have appeared in The Huffington Post and Thought Catalog.
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3 Responses to Why Are You Single?

  1. Alessandra smith says:

    This is good. Right on

  2. Natoyadoulatt says:

    Your right about not settling for just about anyone because one is afraid of growing old alone. I think it’s better to be alone and finding happiness with yourself rather than be with someone who makes your life miserable. Life is just too short to spare even a minute of it being miserable with anyone.

  3. This is the truth and its something an intelligent accomplished woman should embrace and live the F out of it. caz if she finds him when she finds him, the worst thing would be to look back and say i regret my single years caz I could have done so much and didn’t. NO Regrets, Love You, Love Your Now!

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