6 Ways A Man Will Ruin His Relationship


A relationship is hard work but, unfortunately, we often realize this too late. In the courting stages, you were enthusiastic about going out on dates, you were keen to be affectionate and you were excited to text her every day. The first time you made love, you kissed her passionately, felt her warm breath against your neck and held her closely … now you just have sex to satisfy your need.

You’re old enough to understand that your decisions have consequences. So, you should be mindful of your actions because they will hurt the person you love… and effectively, end the relationship.

1.  Engaging another woman

You thought that you needed space but perhaps you wanted to feel desired. You don’t plan to have sex with the hot girl you just met. You may even justify your actions with statements like “it’s okay for me to have female friends”.  But as you become more distant in your relationship, you find yourself texting this person more and more. You also find yourself deleting their messages because you don’t want your partner to become suspicious.

If you broke up with your girlfriend (or she broke up with you) … guess who you’re gonna be dating next?

2.  Having a fling

You’re happy in your relationship but you just want the thrill of a new experience.

3.  Becoming complacent

TGIF!  You can’t wait to get home. After 2pm, you begin to count down the hours for work to be over. However, when you get home, you can’t be bothered to go out. Although your girl is excited to party… you’re tired from a long week of work (especially if you did nothing) and you just want to chill and watch TV. You ‘promise’ her that you’ll go out tomorrow night. And the cycle continues…

4.  Lack of communication

You discuss all the financial obligations: internet bill, mortgage payments, vacation costs.  However, you’re not really interested in talking about her insecurities… you’re not really interested in finding out if she is achieving her career goals… you’re not really interested in asking “how was your day?”

5.  Make an issue when she earns more than you

You fail to realize that your ego is inextricably linked to the success of your relationship. At first you were cool with dating someone who is more established than you… but after a while… you resent the fact that she earns more than you. Although she may not throw it in your face, your inability to provide certain things eventually affects your self-worth… which in turn leads to arguments because you become jealous when she hangs out with people who you perceive to be more successful than you are.

6.  Make an issue when you earn more than her

She’ll enjoy a romantic dinner at a swanky restaurant, waking up in a nice hotel overlooking the beach and being able to buy designer clothes. But it’s not so lovely when you constantly remind her that you’re the breadwinner. It begins with the little condescending remarks such as “Turn off the light… I’m the one who has to pay the bill”. You’ll slowly eat away at her pride and inevitably crush her self-esteem.

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13 Responses to 6 Ways A Man Will Ruin His Relationship

  1. Charmie-B says:

    I really like different aspects of this article, it touches the real issues, ones we sometimes do t want to talk about, such as points 3 to 6. Continue to keep it real Chris.

  2. all this is true and understandable.but to me it mostly pointing towards the men what about women. what do they do to ruin a relationship, am sure u can find some mes up things the do to ruin things

  3. jhen smith says:

    This is spot on. Especially numbers 5 &6. Love your articles by the way. Keep doing them.

  4. IslandLegend says:

    Acceptable piece of observation which is quite evident in relationship dynamics across the board. This same accounts for female behaviour and speaks to finding a balance rather than looking at the coin from one side. What I find interesting is that the author stays true to the title, “Ways a man will ruin his relationship.” Key word, relationship, it takes two and this piece just simple highlights a phase in a relationship which most if not all go through. I would love to see a piece on how both men and women react to the different relationship phases and how to stay true and cope.

  5. so….is there a post about 20 ways a woman will ruin a relationship?

  6. princesscollin says:

    I agree with this. I’d like to see on 6 ways women will ruin a relationship.
    Great articles as usual, I like when people keep it honest.

  7. debbiemyers says:

    Beautiful article..I am exiting my relationship primarily because of numbers 1,3 and 6. It can be appreciated that a man writes an article like this. Keep up the good work.

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  9. Number 4… Number 4… Number 4… NUMBER 4!!!!!!!! 😥

  10. taneki says:

    really nice appreciate you sharing this i learnt something

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