5 Reasons Why You Should Argue With Your Boyfriend

Heated argument

1.  When he’s complacent

Sometimes we can be difficult. Or maybe I should rephrase: most times we can be difficult… especially after the courting phase is over. When we were trying to sleep with you for the first time… we would never leave the toilet seat down, we would never make an excuse for going out, we would never be too busy to check up on you.

2.  To have great make-up sex

After a heated argument, he inches a little closer, puts his arm around you and says “I’m sorry”. You’re hoping that he kisses you… but when he does… you pause and say “I hate you”. All of a sudden, you’re in a rush to take off his clothes and he is in a greater rush to take off yours.

Gentlemen, if you’re reading this article… in all the excitement… be mindful of your neighbours. Make-up sex is really important and it’s always very loud. If you’re doing a good job, your neighbours will hear the first sound that she makes (especially if she is a screamer). You don’t want all the excitement to stop after a minute because your neighbours will know you’re a wasteman.

3.  To have a debate

From those women who skillfully maneuver their bodies on poles to those who sit on the top floor of a Fortune 500 company… intelligence is an aphrodisiac. In a relationship, they’re some topics you’ll never agree on (politics, economics, sports etc) but to hear him argue his point with facts, to listen to his witty analysis, to be blown away by his insights… that’s a big turn on.

4.  Because it’s better than the silent treatment

When we do something wrong… you should yell “you’re an asshole”, head towards the bedroom and start breaking shit… just kidding. Seriously though, it’s not that we like the bickering but some of us prefer it to the silent treatment

When you’re silent, it’s like we are taking an important exam… we know the answer to the final question… but when we glance at our watch and realize that we only have a minute left … we get really tense, nervous and confused. It’s that frustrating!

Actually, ignore this point, because I’m confused…. And, now, I don’t know which is worse: arguing or silent treatment.

5.  To be competitive

You’re competing against him in a game. You’re pretty confident in your abilities and you tell him “I’m gonna kick your ass”. Clearly, he thinks he’s more athletic (or more knowledgeable), so he makes a condescending remark in jest. You’re infuriated by his arrogance, so you give it your best shot to ensure that you come out victorious.

They’re two possible outcomes: WIN or LOSE. If you win… you get to laugh at him. If you lose… he will tease you, hug you and give you a big kiss while you pretend to be mad. Maybe it’s better to let him win.

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14 Responses to 5 Reasons Why You Should Argue With Your Boyfriend

  1. I find myself reading more and more of your articles. They are really good! If I had a boyfriend I’d go start an argument after reading this 🙂

  2. Vanessa says:

    This is the truth, especially point #2. Most of my arguments are fueled by point #2

  3. Lol. That was funny. I will now be more vocal and argue just because 🙂

  4. moya says:

    lol, number two with the side note with him being a waste man after a minute made my day.lol.

  5. i like all of your articles,very funny,very on point and most of which i agree on. Its better to let him win and the silent treatment is indeed deadlier,lol.

  6. Char says:

    thats not fair….we need another #4….now im confused…hehe

  7. Donovan says:

    my god, i think i should invest, in a rum bar, a male wrote this article advising women to argue with men more often? I think i’m going to leave Jamaica! did u know that the stress and anger provoked through arguments, damages the heart primarily and the body in various ways, my god, do u know what the average life expectancy for Jamaican men is compared to women? so u want her to shorten my life, so she can have make-up sex!!, because it’s fun?, is this a joke!. lol, Because i’m complacent!!, and by the way men leave the seat down assuming that the female will be the next to use it, ONLY if she is courteous enough to leave it up, assuming the same for the man. Age of equality. I’ve realized from the titles of your other articles that you appear to write in favor of females (assumption, have not read them), which is perfectly OK, that’s where the money is I guess, they read far more than men do about relationship stuff, i get it, but BRO, i’m sure u can get there without sacrificing/ betraying your own gender, you are one of us. My god.

  8. Ashli says:

    you never seize to amze me

  9. Loraine Shirley says:

    Lol @ Donavon…Omg He Is Really Serious…..Great Column Chris

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