5 Things That Will Make Your Girl Cry


1.  Romance

It’s important to go on date nights… just like you did in the courting stages.  But from time to time, make an effort to do something different in your relationship. A change of scenery can set the mood for an exhilarating evening. Maybe you’re in the mountains, holding her from behind… watching the sun set.  As you give her a gentle kiss on the shoulder, she’ll sigh and glance to the right. When you turn her around, place your hand on her face and affectionately kiss her… a tear will begin to form as she quivers in your arms.

2.  Laughter

You did something silly… really silly… and she’s laughing uncontrollably. You’re kind of embarrassed (not really) and you warn her to stop making fun of you. Clearly she’s not going to stop, so you’re forced to playfully throw a pillow at her.  She grabs it and smacks you in the head. After an intense pillow fight (that she won)… you both lie on your backs… laughing hysterically till you cry. As the laughter begins to subside… she moves closer to you… and begins to tickle your side… round 2.

3.  Stress

She’s not where she wants to be in her career, she’s working out hard but can’t lose her desired weight, she’s making more of an effort in the relationship than you are. On the surface, she seems to be handling everything okay but you notice that she’s going through a very difficult time. Engage her in a conversation that will give her a chance to let it all out. At first, she may be a little reserved but she’ll become more open as you hold her closely and give her a kiss on the forehead. When she brings up the most sensitive issue… all the tears that have been restrained will run its natural course.

4.  Disagreement

In a relationship, arguments are inevitable. However, sometimes, we let things escalate because we’re insensitive. We have to make our point, so we end up saying some really hurtful things. We let it get to the point where she screams “You’re an a*shole”, walks out of the room and slams the door.

5.  Bad news

It’s really early in the morning… maybe 3:00am. She tried to restrain her tears because she didn’t want to wake you up but the pain became too overwhelming. When the doctor began the conversation by saying “I’m not really sure how to say this”… you both knew the end was nearing.

She’s going to miss her family member dearly and there’s nothing you can do to change the situation. You’ve always protected her from everything… but now you lay helpless in bed.  At this point, you realize that you have to be at your strongest. You have to support her with your emotions, you have to support her with your strength, you have to support her with your presence.

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