Remembering Your Wife At 100 Years Old


GOAL!!! … You can hear the wild celebrations throughout the house. You wish you could watch the 2082 World Cup with your family… but they think you’re senile… so you’re left in the guest room and, occasionally, someone may check up on you to ensure that you’re still alive. You understand that they’re busy.

At 100 years old, your bones are fragile; the joints ache a little more than usual. You’re afraid to suffer another heart attack because this time you may not survive it and even if you do … you won’t be able to scream for help… not when you can’t speak.

You’re aware that stress is a major cause of heart attacks but you miss your wife dearly and nothing will stop you from reminiscing… it’s a decision you’re willing to live with. As you begin to recall the times you held her close… your wrinkles become more profound… your body trembles… your grip tightens around the picture frame.

You, honestly, try to remember the good stuff… the spontaneous outings to the beach, the adventurous trip to the mountains, the candle lit dinners. You deeply cherish the nights that you were both up late talking about your insecurities, your ambitions, your secrets. There’s no way you could forget all those jokes you shared together… even if they were corny. But, for some reason, you end up revisiting the saddest moment of your life.

Somehow, you managed to control the tears during the eulogy. Whenever your voice had a slightly higher pitch… you paused, took a deep breath and continued. Strangely, even then you felt the need to keep it all in… still concerned with being macho. But when the proceedings resumed at the graveyard… you began to feel weaker and weaker. As they lowered the coffin into the ground, you fell to your knees and covered your face. The reality became too overwhelming.

Suddenly, there is a sharp pain in the left side of your chest… you’re gasping for breath. You know that no one will hear you… so you fight this battle alone. As the pain becomes unbearable, you’re unable to hold on to the picture frame as it crashes to the floor. Maybe someone might hear the commotion… but if not… You understand that they’re busy.

Always make time to spend with loved ones (Spouse, family, friends). You never know when it’s the last time you will get to share a joke with them, hug them, enjoy their company. We’re not here indefinitely.


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2 Responses to Remembering Your Wife At 100 Years Old

  1. Ashli says:

    You couldnt have said it better ….. dnt take people for granted! cuz tomoro aint promised

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