4 Double Standards That Men Should Lose

double standard

  1. Have an issue with her past

In your lifetime, it’s not okay for you to sleep with over 20 women and expect to date someone who has been involved with less than 5 guys. Truth is… you shouldn’t be investigating her past… but if you must be Inspector Gadget… try not to be hypocritical.

Hypothetically speaking… let’s assume that a woman is 30 years old… lets also assume that she lost her virginity at 18. Do you realize that if she has been involved with 10 guys… it means that she has slept with 0.83 guys per year.

2.  The dancing dilemma

Your friends will be impressed if you’re dancing with a sexy girl… they may even pop your collar. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with dancing with a hottie… just as long as you don’t mind if your girl meets a stud muffin at a party… takes off her 5-inch heels, allows his hands to touch her thighs and backs him up against the wall.

3.  Don’t like when she has male friends

Clearly, you don’t expect her to visit her friend when you guys are going through a difficult time. Because if she decides to talk to him … she may become emotional to the point where she begins to cry.  He will give her a hug and allow her to rest her head on his chest… And, of course, it stops there.

Seriously though, platonic relationships still exist in this world. So, if you have female friends … it should be perfectly fine for your girl to have male friends (unless he looks like Channing Tatum)

4.  Complain about tardiness

Let’s say you’re supposed to pick her up at 8:00pm. If you reach five minutes late… I don’t think you should be annoyed if she needs a little extra time to get ready. After all… she was, actually, ready at 7:55pm… but she decided to change her dress… and you wouldn’t believe what happened after that… she put back on the original dress.

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5 Responses to 4 Double Standards That Men Should Lose

  1. Love it! #2 is too real…then again, so are all 4.

  2. Ashli says:


  3. Love this…. Sadly it’s every woman’s challenge trying to deal with men and their insecurities that cloud their judgements. Some of them also still don’t see women as a person but just as meat and thus can’t see them as their equal. Some men weren’t taught to respect women and some lack values. Women need to love themselves more and respect themselves more. Know what you will tolerate and know that you can’t change someone…..
    TRUTH….man and woman story…

    • John Thomas says:

      i guess years of cultural expectations have rendered the modern woman filled with self doubt and submission. this makes it quite easy for the modern man to take advantage of her. once she breaks tradition and refuse to subject herself to this kinda of behavior then she will be ok. not blaming the woman for the problem but its easier when she is a willing participant

  4. Ker says:

    I like you!!…lol….#keepingitreal#ilikethat

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