Lai Detector


An enchanting smile changed my life on December 14, 2011. The memory continues to provide a sense of nostalgia. I somehow managed to suppress my enthusiasm but my heart was overwhelmed with emotions. That vital organ was supposed to pump blood; not orchestrate the perfect moment. This feeling was long overdue. Let me try to explain the impact of her beauty:

Everything around me began to fade . . . it was like my brain became a Canon DSLR camera . . . I could only focus on her . . . everything else was blurry . . . I heard people in the background speaking English but it sounded like Brazilian . . . my orange juice tasted like oxygen . . . I was at a loss for words . . . you know what, maybe I did speak Brazilian and what I heard was English . . . I wasn’t too sure . . . I was awestruck, confused . . . Is Brazilian even a language . . .  or is it Portuguese?

Eu estava incrivelmente nervosa, mas manteve-se frio, calmo e colleced (Huh? When did I learn this language? Maybe I am still disoriented.)

I was unbelievably nervous but remained calm. I walked over to her with poise and introduced myself with a handshake. Fifteen months later, she continues to make a difference in my life. I am indebted to her thoughtfulness, intelligence and generosity. When I am with her, my nights end perfectly. I yearn inanticipation of one last kiss and hold her affectionately before my eyes close. The alarm may interrupt my dream but hitting the snooze button gives me an opportunity to embrace her for five more minutes. My relationship is surreal.

A boy becomes a man when he finds a companion that will invest in his potential, support him unconditionally, stimulate his intellectual capacity, engage his passions, appreciate his humour and argue over petty stuff. The desire to find a good woman should be his credo and he must have the acumen to realize when she is in his presence. However, identifying her is one thing, interacting with her is a whole new ball game.

The book provides a unique outlook on how to court a lady in several settings. The illustrations will change your perspective in unimaginable ways. How you approach her in the mall is different from how you approach her at the beach. The differentiation is made in all scenarios.  Although The Lai Detector is instructional, humour was integrated to keep you intrigued. You will find it very entertaining!

The names used in the anecdotes were randomly selected to conceal the identities of my friends and acquaintances. My sibling did not want his name (David) to be included, so I refer to him as my brother.

I hope you find a good girl.


Chris Lai

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About Christopher Lai

Christopher Lai is an award winning Jamaican relationship blogger and author. His articles have appeared in The Huffington Post and Thought Catalog.
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