6 Things That Men Need To Stop Doing In Relationships

If you have stumbled across this blog, you should know that I recently posted an article “6 Things That Women Need To Stop Doing In Relationships”.  It would be unfair to discuss how women can never make up their minds about food and not highlight how difficult we can be at times. After all… how hard is it to put down the toilet seat?

1.  Stare at other women

When you’re walking with your girlfriend and you glance to the right because the lady walking in the opposite direction has size D cups… that’s really f*cked up. Your girl may playfully slap you on the shoulder and say “I saw that” but deep down she probably feels slighted.

Pay attention to what’s important to you… When LeBron James is about to take a free throw … he is only focused on the hoop. He is not distracted by any of the fans. Have you ever seen some of the women who have courtside seats in the NBA arenas?… Not to mention those Victoria’s Secret model lookalike cheerleaders who can flip and shake that pom pom. All I’m saying is that if LeBron can be surrounded by all those gorgeous women and still focus on basketball… then you can easily walk at the mall and not be sidetracked by a cutie… even if she has a big booty.


2.  Make a big deal when she goes out with her girlfriends

Try not to complain when she hangs out with her friends. It’s not right to be controlling… she needs her   s     p     a     c     e. If you limit her social life… she’s is going to be clingy and then you’re going to have a serious problem.

3.  Be lame in bed

Women enjoy making love… and you must satisfy her needs. The one-minute thing is not going to cut it. Your neighbours need to know how great you are. So, if you require stamina – run 5km, if you need strength – lift weights, if you’re impotent – drink babba roots.

I’m not saying that you need to be a conquistador in bed but I am telling you that you need to do a good job. Don’t take a lackadaisical approach and expect her to be satisfied. Would you like it if a woman turned you on and then left you with blue balls?

PLEASE do not ask her “If the sex was good” … You will never know the truth. Even if she took a Lai Detector test.

 4.  Make her feel insecure

Remember when your girl used to confidently wear a bikini to the beach. Have you noticed that she takes a little longer to remove the sarong? Have you observed that she strategically enters the water when everyone else is distracted?

Some women gain weight over time … even those who workout and diet. This can be very frustrating. So, try not to make cheeky remarks about her weight … another guy may be saying the things to help her regain her confidence.


5.  Tell her to calm down

At 10:00pm, when another woman sends you a text message “Hey babe… whats up?”… you know you’re in trouble  (even if you are innocent). So, instead of acting defensive and asking her to calm down… you need to allow her to vent. It’s in your best interest to cooperate and answer the same questions over and over again. “Who is this?”  “Why is she messaging you?” “Why is she calling you babe?”

No matter how your girlfriend reacts… don’t call her crazy… or else you’re really gonna see crazy.

6.  Have selective hearing

I know you are more interested in talking about athletes that don’t give a shit about you… but, trust me, you should make listening to your girlfriend a priority. She actually cares about you. If she’s telling you about her day … don’t sit there thinking about the starting line-up for the game on Saturday. Take my silly advice, don’t be the numpty who zones out of the conversation.

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Christopher Lai is an award winning Jamaican relationship blogger and author. His articles have appeared in The Huffington Post and Thought Catalog.
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23 Responses to 6 Things That Men Need To Stop Doing In Relationships

  1. Kez says:

    Dwl @ baba roots and the point about if u tell her she’s crazy, ur going to see crazy lol. Loved it!

  2. chrislai27 says:

    Thanks for reading Kez! … Glad you liked it.

    yeah- babba roots could be useful and you definitely don’t want to call her crazy (or else). LOL.

  3. LOL Marc has selective hearing, but then again I do too. So I can’t even complain.

  4. lesliebryan says:

    suh wah happen to things weh woman nuffi duh…dem guilty too but a good article n no im not guilty of number 3…yuh nuh see mi 3 yute dem!!!….

  5. john says:

    This article have me laughing my face off, good one chris.
    Keep up the good work. ..
    Men keep uno woman happy expecially in bed… lol

  6. annmarie says:

    This is very interesting I surely can agree to alot of this stuff. especially with number 4,5,6

  7. Kimone says:

    mi rate everything bout that trust mi.so tell me know wah Di woman them no fi do.lol

  8. chrislai27 says:

    Hey Kimone!.. thanks for reading… please see below for the article discussing things that women need to stop doing in relationships.


  9. Stacey says:

    lol so loved it, #3,4,5 are the best to me… keep up the good work Chris.. What’s next??

  10. Lol! You have all the answers don’t you? This was good. There’s more that both parties should not do but 6 is good.

    • chrislai27 says:

      Hey Charnele … thank you 🙂

      Yeah— there are more things that both parties could stop doing … but i think this list captures the main stuff.

  11. tantan says:

    funny as hell lol especially baba roots

  12. sarah says:

    i love it!!! this is soo true….. all of it!! my fav part dont call her crazy…or else u really gonna see crazy!!!

  13. Charmaine says:

    That babaroots comment was really funny :-). But I agree, especially about those wondering eyes when you are out with me in public, it’s a BIG NO NO. Keep them co I g Chris

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  15. Camile Gordon says:

    Great. All of them is actually the truth. For both men and women…. u got me Laughing when u talked about the baba roots thing… yep

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