How To Know When It’s TIME To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Her


At what point do you become certain that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Maybe after 3 years … maybe after 6 months.  How will you know if you are making the right decision? It’s impossible to know for sure if your relationship will last the test of time but what if you were able to make a decision… in retrospect. It’s often said that hindsight is 2020.  So, if you can visualize the future… you can look back in the past from that point in time. Love undermines physics.

The year is 2080

The pain is unbearable… the physician thinks that analgesics will provide relief but the cancer affects the lungs not the heart. You miss her dearly. If you could only see her one more time… If only you could see. Being visually impaired means that you are no longer able to look at the graficture (a type of hologram that replaced the picture in the 2040s)… you’re not even sure if the graficture is still working.

The year is 2070

The tears are fairly controlled at church. Maybe reality hasn’t hit yet.  You still think you’re going on the cruise to the Caribbean next month.  But as the coffin is lowered into the earth… you can no longer control yourself.

The year is 2060

You are super excited to take your granddaughter to see the latest 5-D animated-film (movie-goers can actually become a part of the show and change the course of the ending). At the end of the night, to see your granddaughter give your wife a big hug and say “I love you grandma”… is a little overwhelming. You’re seconds away from receiving two hugs from two of the most important persons in your life.

The year is 2050

For the last 2 years, you and your wife really wanted to go on a cruise to the Caribbean. But you both agreed that it’s more important for your son to complete his degree. Even though your son forgets to call sometimes to say hi … it was worth the sacrifice to see him on stage collecting his diploma.

The year is 2040

You still don’t understand why she wears 5-inch heels but as long as she gives you a good dance… you’re cool. You may not have the same energy level as before but the passion still remains. When you were a young man, you hoped that after a great night of partying… you would get lucky. Now, you realize how lucky you are to hold her closely till the alarm clock makes its usual annoying sound. Where is the damn snooze button?

The year is 2030

You still hope that one day she is able to get ready in less than two hours. But you prefer that she takes the time to ensure that she is comfortable with how she looks… even if you made dinner reservations for 8:00pm. In all fairness… you still don’t know the difference between the big spoon and the little spoon.

The year is 2020

You’re still very enthusiastic about your relationship. All the little things you did in the courting stages… you continue to do. You realize that you will never be the perfect husband but you will make every effort to keep improving.

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7 Responses to How To Know When It’s TIME To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Her

  1. Lol! Very interesting format there. All this detail to the technical stuff (5-D and graphicture) shows that the author is really a man! I think this was a good one! I guess these are the benchmarks you’ll be looking for later on in life huh?

  2. chrislai27 says:

    Thanks 🙂 … yup , 5-D and Graficture are important in the future!… Definitely – these are some of the things that you may experience in your relationship.

  3. Keisha says:

    Nice! But Seriously? Hooked on reading worked for me… then, I was taken to the edge of a cliff…I soared and then plummeted to the depths of wanting more…Whhhyyyyyyyyy??? I like it though. Provocative and it calls out to a deeper interest… The reverse grid gives way to what a typical couple’s future could be..But, let’s hear a more rocky side of the reverse grid. I am curious!

  4. chrislai27 says:

    Hey Keisha! … really really loved this feedback. A more rocky side would make for a good read i am sure. Something to consider 🙂 Thank you.

  5. Tammy Pearl says:

    i agree with keisha looking forward to that side love this

  6. Vanessa Hartley says:

    I really liked how u worked on the story in reverse… shows where they were coming from

  7. Sinaswee says:

    It is amazing how the old people stay in love with each other for 40 years plus with the same spouse till death really does them path. I want to endure that with my wife. i will put in the shift, after all, i know for sure that i am a really patient man. But how these old people do it?

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