Why It’s Important For Your Girlfriend To Cry In Your Relationship

Close up of woman crying

It’s important to do fun stuff with your girlfriend. Go out for drinks, watch a movie, random beach trips. Keep doing the things you did when you were courting her and never become complacent. If you really care about your girlfriend, you should constantly improve in your relationship. It’s hard work… sometimes more than you can ever imagine.

Engaging your girlfriend in fun-loving activities is essential to her happiness but there is so much more to experience. She has a wealth of emotions that will need to be nurtured in difficult times. You also need to accept that you, too, can be vulnerable – that you are able to connect in ways that that will allow your insecurities to become the topic of conversation… ways that words can’t describe.

Emotions will foster a deeper connection. There are times when she may be going through a very difficult period. It could be an unexpected illness in the family, unfair treatment at work, difficulty with tuition for next semester, fear of failing a final exam, going through an unexpected pregnancy. She needs to more than just talk… she needs to let it all out.  The tears that have been restrained by her efforts to remain strong should take its natural course.

She will feel a little better after getting everything off her chest. As she sniffs, teary-eyed, shuffles in your arms and tightens her grip… a gentle kiss on the forehead will help make her feel safe. You may not have all the answer but you can provide support.

The next day (or weekend), a romantic dinner is always a nice way to cheer her up. Sushi is her favourite meal and the ambience will set the mood for a memorable night. Try to discuss things that she is interested in. Maybe she likes to paint … maybe she’s into fashion. And there’s no harm in remembering some of the wonderful moments that you’ve both shared in the relationship. Taking a walk down memory lane can lead to something magical.

The restaurant manager probably wants you to leave after an hour but surely the night is not over. The beach is usually open 24/7. So why not take a drive there? A romantic walk with a bottle of Moscato  (and two wine glasses) while you walk aimlessly to the perfect spot is pretty cool.  It’s even cooler if you give her a piggyback ride.

Along the way… talk about stuff that induces laughter. If you’re not that great at giving jokes, I’m sure you have many embarrassing stories that you could share. Stories that would make her laugh till she cries.  Sometimes… it’s not what you say… it’s how you say it.

When the laughter begins to subside, hold her closely and keep her warm as she trembles in the wind. Express how much she really means to you and don’t hold back on your emotions. Let down your guard and expose your feelings. If you are genuine, she will be unable to control the tears from forming… and the kiss that follows will be one to remember for the rest of her life.

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22 Responses to Why It’s Important For Your Girlfriend To Cry In Your Relationship

  1. Josie says:

    Taking a walk down memory lane can lead to something magical. 🙂
    Love that

  2. Andrea says:

    Even if it’s unexpected a new life should NOT be cause for sadness

    • Dahlia says:

      well love it’s hard to tell other people how they should feel about a new life. they are entitled to feel what they want and if an unexpected pregnancy makes them sad for any reason, i believe it is their divine right to feel sad. It is not a cause of sadness for you, but there is no rule anywhere that you have to be happy.

      • chrislai27 says:

        Thanks for the reading, Dahlia … yes – it’s their decision to be happy or not. When they just receive the news that they are pregnant it can be a very difficult time for a lot of women depending on their circumstances and challenges. And despite the initial sadness (or reaction), they can and will become very caring mothers.

    • yes, it should… that when she gets emotional without trying… its how a pregnancy occurs…

    • chrislai27 says:

      Hey Andrea… thanks for reading

      I agree— it should not be a cause for sadness but the reality is that a lot of women go through a very difficult time for various reasons. It doesn’t mean they are not going to be a great mother… just that they may be struggling financially, trying to finish school, my get a hard time from their parents etc…

  3. Kareen says:

    yet another wonderful article!

  4. Great article, beautiful writing… 🙂

  5. Sandrea says:

    I’m amazed at your depth of thought and perspectives while still in your youth. People like you remind me that all hope ain’t lost for those of us young women who need a grounded (or at least perceived to be) young man.
    Great going – loving it!!! 🙂

    • chrislai27 says:

      Hey Sandrea — really loved this feedback … minus the ” (or at least perceived to be)” part .. lol

      But seriously… it was well said and i am glad that it served as a reminder that there are good guys out there. Thanks for reading and continue to support 🙂

  6. shally says:

    i am definitely going to read more

  7. Anita says:

    This is a great article, you sure I shouldn’t be giving the lovely lady In your life credit for giving u insights on what a girl wants 🙂 . I especially like the last part because when a guy lets down his guard it makes it so much easier for a woman to talk to him. I just really hope guys are out there reading these articles n taking a page or two from them really tired of hearing that there is no good guys out there n all the other cliché that’s having women settle for less.

  8. PaulAnn says:

    I’ve read other articles but trust me when I say this will definitely be the most mem9rable one thus far. While reading I was literally saying where is this man of my dreams. 🙂

  9. The Lioness says:

    This is just magically beautiful and heart warming, I think this article will be the most enshrined by majority of the females who read it! I was mainly enthralled by the part that quotes…… (a gentle kiss on the forehead will help make her feel safe) end of quote!…..Well put together! Ingenious I love it!

  10. Vanessa Hartley says:

    I don’t read many blogs but this one has really impressed me. Your insight and thoughtfulness in this article has convinced me I need to read more. Very happy for the lady you choose to be emotional with. Its hard to get a guy to embrace their “emotions” with you, especially when it comes so easy for many women. Gives me hope to see that there are some who don’t hide from it. Keep up the good work Mr. Lai and I’ll keep reading 🙂

  11. Chezzi says:

    Nice column yute… My gf sent this to me to remind of what a great job I’m doing… Lol!!
    Great job. I like the realness and how it comes across in a straightforward way without being overly sensitive.

  12. Char Lesie says:

    Beautiful post. Made me almost cry, which is a good thing. Great job! 😉

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