Why The Second Kiss Is More Important


If only you could explain how you really felt about the first kiss. It’s like you can recall the intensity of the moment but in trying to describe it, the words just won’t come out right… But what if you could create your own words?

eyoos /eyus/ ▪ n. the force of attraction which compels eye contact

sleoute /sli-oot/ ▪ n. that silent moment between two people that words fail to describe

The first kiss will provide a lady with questions.  Are you compassionate? Can you protect her? Could you be the one?  Kind gestures may never be forgotten, but it all comes down to this — generosity is not a substitute for affection. You just have one chance to make an impression. Relationships are defined in this moment.

If she is the one, it is natural to be nervous. The heart will begin to overheat as you watch her attempt to inhale stealthily.  Her gentle touch may cause your thoughts to become delbmuj (read the letters from right to left). For a second, you are somehow able to concentrate again… but the intensity of the moment becomes overwhelming, so you glimpse to the right. She tries to conceal her anxiety, so she glances to the left.  The inevitability of eyoos makes her sigh for one last time before…

For the very first kiss; it is essential to remain composed, never let the moment pass you by, proceed with meaning. A real man should never be too cool to be affectionate with his lady. Showmanship is for idle talk with your friends around the domino table, on the ball field, at the gym etc… No need to be macho 24/7. Take a break from being a tough guy and embrace the opportunity to fulfil her expectations.

At some point, she will want to catch her breath. The very first kiss that you shared was magnificent and she will feel relaxed in your arms. But there is still so much more to experience. Understand that both of you are no longer weighed down by anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurities.  A subtle smile will signal her desire for you.  As her emotions begin to resurface, she will look deep into your eyes and then she will gaze at your lips.  In a breathless sleoute, the second kiss will answer all her questions.

So ask yourself this — how long does it take a lady to become absorbed in the first kiss?

Recall that a second is a measurement of time. For a lady, everything will unfold in the second kiss. That is all the time she needs to make a choice. Just one second.

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3 Responses to Why The Second Kiss Is More Important

  1. Nikolai says:

    Some women seem to expect us to be macho 24/6 if not 7… I agree with you it’s not to be all the time … Could wear you out.

  2. chrislai27 says:

    Thanks for reading bro… I think some men are too caught up with the Macho behaviour.. constantly acting tuff around their friends… it must be tiring lol

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