7.5 Ways To Know Your True Friends

Several years ago, my father bought a pair of football (soccer) boots for my birthday.  The cleats also reliably served my close friend. Our shoe sizes were 8 and 9, respectively.

1. Sometimes you pay for them; sometimes they pay for you

There are times when your bank account is as empty as Grandma’s email inbox. You’re flummoxed because the next pay cheque is 6 days away. Unfortunately, you had a strong desire to attend a party tonight…. Bad timing 😦

Abracadabra! … Not only are you in attendance but you are the life of the party. Once your friend is present, you will be present.

2. Ya’ll did some dumb sh*t together

The silliest things provide the best memories. Close friends don’t talk about “remember the time we did well on our final exams”… nah… They do things that could provide material for The Hangover 4 (minus the shenanigans of Alan and Leslie Chow) or Bridesmaids 2.

I recently ran into a guy who I hung out with in high school. After not seeing him for years, he had the audacity to tell me how he wished he did more business subjects in high school. Imagine, after all the f*cking things that we went through, that’s what was on his mind.


3. Social events are never-ending, but your wardrobe is limited. Therefore…

Occasionally, you may need to borrow clothes and vice versa. While searching their closet for the perfect item, you may come across a shoe that will complement your outfit. Don’t forget to check out other cool stuff they may have.

If you’ve never borrowed clothes from a friend… it means you’re probably rich, stuck-up or weird.

4. Random, mischievous text messages

“Omg! … I just saw your ex’s new girl… you’re way prettier … you should see what she’s wearing”

“Yow bro… Just saw your ex-girl at the movies with a big tick bredda (muscular dude)”

5. Five hour conversations (and counting) about everything

These discussions can range from advice on relationships to career objectives. As the conversation begins to fade, you quickly bring up another serious topic to avoid silence. Both of you just want to chat and chat and chat.


 6. Your parents consider them to be a son/daughter

They’re often present at family functions and receive way more attention than you do. Good thing you have a smartphone to play floppy birds. Seriously though… how did that stupid game become so popular?

7.  Arguments are imminent… the apologies are priceless

It’s natural for friends to have occasional disagreements.  And it is expected that the guilty friend would apologize in a practical manner such as “Sorry about what happened the other day”… Instead, the apology is more like “Yow…. What’s up?” or “Hey… How are you?”

7.5  If you have food, half (0.5) is theirs

You may be in a position to purchase another meal but if not, break that sandwich in two. Of course, the slice of cheese should be evenly distributed as well.

The bottom line is… if your friend is hungry… you would find a way to even break soup in two for them.

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12 Responses to 7.5 Ways To Know Your True Friends

  1. Al says:

    So it go f’real. Nice read

  2. chrislai27 says:

    Thanks Al….. So it go f’real!

  3. Bob says:

    yea man…. a real talk

  4. Damion Roye says:

    Sounds just about right to me

  5. truth!!!!!! no lai there

  6. Blairz says:

    I realized this author must have some kinda Jamaican ties. Nobody just goes around saying “big tick bredda”


  7. chrislai27 says:

    Hello Blairz… thanks for reading! … yeah man – I am Jamaican.

  8. franchisekd says:

    Had to laugh cause all these points are identifiable. This was a good read Chris respect.

  9. powpow says:

    big thick bredda lol u from jamaica like me

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