4 Reasons Why Grandmas Are Awesome


My grandma owns a standard car. You should see when she drives it into town, maneuvers around the potholes and dodges the inconsiderate taxi men. Last year I said “Grandma, you should get an automatic car because it’s easier to drive”… She responded cheekily “You need to learn how drive a stick shift.” I was a little embarrassed but you know what… thank God for automatic cars. And more importantly, thank God for a cool Grandma.

If you were fortunate enough to spend time with your grandma, you can surely relate to the things that made her awesome! … And if she’s still alive, continue to savor every moment 🙂

1.  The Pocket Money

At Christmas, she would always get you the best gift ever! … unlike that big belly guy – Santa Claus. But the best memories were when she surprised you with a little pocket money. The timing was always perfect. When you really wanted to go to the movies, when you really wanted to order a pizza, when you really wanted new clothes… grandma always came to the rescue.

As a child, you probably took her kindness for granted but now you truly appreciate how generous she was … retirement packages aren’t exactly akin to winning the jackpot.

2.  The Food

Grandma’s house is like a buffet. You eat till you’re full, take a little break, eat till you’re full again, and then have ice cream. And then after all that, you still get food to take home.

3.  The Baby pictures

So you are oh so excited to post a picture for #TBT! (Throw back Thursdays). It’s a great opportunity for your crush/ partner to comment on Facebook “Aww… you were such a cutie.” And, clearly, the more vintage the photo… the more excitement it will generate.

A few years ago, when your grandma was excited about showing you your baby pictures, you were not the least bit interested. Now you meticulously search her albums to find the cutest pic. And, then, you become so indecisive… because she has endless cute pics.

4.  The Advice

Your grandma’s wisdom is unprecedented. She’s well equipped to advise you on career decisions, relationship issues and life changing developments. It’s remarkable how comfortable you feel around her… even when the topic is very sensitive.

Always make time to spend with your grandma. You never know when it’s going to be the last time you will get to share a joke with her, hug her, kiss her. She’s won’t be here forever… so don’t be too busy to give her a call, don’t be too cool to listen to her ‘embarrassing’ stories about you, and don’t get impatient… especially when she asks you to help her open an email.

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