6 Ways Not To Lose Your Girl

1.  Lose your self-conscious bullsh*t

When a player scores a goal in the world cup, his teammates will run towards him, hug him, and rub his head. Do you know what happens when he dives on the ground?

Honestly – if you’re fine with sweaty guys spanking you on the ass when you make a free throw… you should have absolutely no problem with holding your girl’s hand at the movies. It should be natural for you to put your arms around her at a concert and kiss her on the cheek.

2.  Lose your phone

On a special occasion, when you take your lady out to an exquisite restaurant… there is no need to bring your phone. You’re spending time with her… not your friend who is trying to convince you that “Kobe is better than Lebron”

It’s commendable that you constantly communicate with your friends but do you respond to them during sex. I don’t think so.


3.  Lose weight

It’s unreasonable to expect your lady to look fabulous while you readily pose with a beer belly.

4.  Lose your ego

In a relationship, it’s healthy for your girl to be able to comfortably interact with other men. I’m not saying that she should bruk out to “That bumper is too real… it dangerous” … actually, I take it back, anything goes with that song.

Seriously though… don’t try to limit her social life because you’re insecure. Trust is the foundation of a meaningful association.


5.  Lose your manners

You’re on the computer trying to create a playlist when you notice that she dropped her towel on the ground. You could be a gentleman and pick it up… but instead, you pick her up.

6.  Propose that she loses her last name

You realize that she loves to be called Ms. Catherine Williams… but she would love it even more if her name was Mrs. Catherine James.

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1 Response to 6 Ways Not To Lose Your Girl

  1. petakash says:

    Once again, Chris you managed to get to the problem. I agree with all that you said and indeed while all women would love to be mrs. the choice to lose their own last name and be taken up with the man’s last name should be their decision.

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