Maybe I Can Explain Love


FEBRUARY 14, 1937

Nobody has been able to explain love but maybe I can. I know my explanation will be ridiculed… I just hope I’m not considered insane. After all, I’m just a farmer… unable to read and write.

I met my sweet patootie in 1935… well, that’s what my educated boss told me. He’s always preoccupied with that thing they call a calendar. Seems like a waste of time to me. It stops at December 31 and then starts over. Does time stop and then start over again? Worst of all, my girlfriend was born on February 29… So, I have to wait 4 years to celebrate her birthday.

I had a solution… I went to the town sheriff and said “let’s choose a random date in February just in case someone was unable to celebrate their birthday. Let’s call it V-day”. He put me in Jail for 14 days.  Go figure! … Well, to be fair to the sheriff, I was under the influence.

While reflecting, I realized that love was risky but I was willing to do the unthinkable. To truly understand love, I had to envision the future and when I arrived, I had to change the dynamics. So I had to think beyond going to the local bar, I had to think beyond taking a horseback ride to the river, I had to think beyond going to a musical performance.

Love – to unconditionally help your partner to live the life they hope for. Love transcends time… only a dream can give insight.

My journey (or dream?) began with a simple question. What would really make my girl happy? I envisioned living in 2014 because I did not want my thoughts to be limited by the inequalities of this decade. I figured that in 2014 there would still be disparities between men and women but I wasn’t trying to imagine the perfect world. Challenges will always exist … the important thing is how we deal with them.

MAY 21, 2014

I am asking a random person to use my cell-phone (it’s a combination of a phone and a camera) to take a picture of my wife and me at her graduation ceremony. She just completed a master’s degree at a prestigious university. I am so excited to e-mail (send a mail through space instead of the post office) the pictures to our relatives on my computer (a fancy typewriter).

On the way home from the ceremony, we dined at an Italian restaurant.  She loves shrimp fettuccine pasta!  (Plus I am sure she wasn’t feeling for the leftovers that I made last night).  In 2014, we share cooking responsibilities or we do it together.  I hate washing dishes but I don’t mind ironing clothes… so we have an understanding.

After the exquisite meal, we went to the supermarket (grocery store) to pick up a good bottle of Merlot wine. Grocery stores are open ’til 10:00pm. I rented a Blu-ray movie for us to watch on the flat-screen TV that I bought for my wife on February 14, 2014. If I try to explain Blu-ray… then you’re going to think I’m crazy.

Surely, the celebrations have only just begun. She took two weeks off from work, where she is a manager at a bank. She hopes to become a senior vice president at the company one day and I will support her every inch of the way. I know that deep down she wants to become the president but she doesn’t want to feel like a failure if she is not appointed. I hope that she will feel comfortable enough to express those insecurities to me. However, if I am not willing to express my deepest fears… why should I expect her to reciprocate?

For our vacation, we are off to Wellington, New Zealand. They say it’s one of the most romantic getaways in the world and it is absolutely beautiful… we are super excited. I know I am looking forward to hiking through the valleys, holding her hand by the waterfront and kissing her in the misty hillsides.

FEBRUARY 14, 1939

I decided to attend classes with my girlfriend. I can finally read and write! In a few years when I have mastered the English language … I will be sure to provide more details about the world that I dreamt of out of my love for her.  I also want to be able to explain that if you are reading this article… then you don’t really exist. You were, however, an important part of my dream. Thank you.

By the way … Have you ever had dreams where you are free falling? Or do you ever dream about using the bathroom? … I’m sorry about that, it happens when I have too much whiskey.


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