Why A Woman Needs A Real Man

machoAs a man, you have to be macho all the time; there are no day-offs. Because when you inevitably find yourself in certain situations, you have to be able to man up. For example, when you’re at the club and you accidentally step on someone’s shoes, he needs to know that “him cah bad you up”.

Similarly, when you’re in a relationship, it’s important to be macho because, ultimately, every girl wants a real man. She wants a guy who will challenge her… one who when she begins to act up, will firmly grip her arms, look into her eyes and tell her to “calm down”. But whatever you do, I repeat, whatever you do… don’t ever tell her she’s over reacting… or else she’s going to get crazy.

A real man would never physically abuse a woman but he has to know how to effectively take command of messy situations. He has to understand when he’s required to be assertive because, believe it or not, this is an attractive feature.

However, since relationships are dynamic, his ability to be assertive should not just be limited to quelling arguments. Taking control of his woman should be embedded in his thoughts; it should become his reflex action. And it begins with his willingness to do all the little things that will make her feel secure.

Every man should be macho in his girl’s eyes. You should be able to fix a door, lift heavy furniture, change the oil in her car… and, of course, lift her up. These are some of the more obvious things that you are expected to do. And you know this very well. But sometimes, it’s easy to forget how to be macho with the little things. Or, perhaps, you’re too concerned with how others may view you. Imagine… you let other people dictate how you function in your relationship. And the truth is… real men couldn’t give a shit about what others think about them.

So, when you are at the movies, it’s cool to hold your girl’s hand. It’s even cooler if she feels comfortable enough to snuggle into your arms, and rest her head on your shoulder. Now, I’m not suggesting that you need to be overly affectionate in public because it can get annoying… really annoying. But a little affection can’t be a bad thing. And surely, you shouldn’t be worried that another man will look at you and think you are “soft”. Incidentally, that guy who you’re worried about, would happily exchange places with you and openly caress your girl.

Simply put… you have to be consistently macho around your girl – always on standby. Here’s a well-documented fact: most women like to overthink. Actually, on second thought, all women like to overthink. So, when you see her absentmindedly staring through the window, you should hold her from behind, put your arms around her and tenderly kiss her neck.

You see… when you hold your woman… she will feel desired, she will feel supported, but more importantly, she will feel secure in your arms.  And for her, it doesn’t get more manly that that.

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3 Responses to Why A Woman Needs A Real Man

  1. Dan says:

    Interesting article but don’t know if i agree.

    First of the word macho is ridiculous, by acting ‘macho’ most women just think you are trying to hard or putting on an act. This does not mean be a pussy though, no it means being truly confident, bringing something that no one else has and offering women something they’ve never had before, thats what a real man does. I learned over at http://universityofpickup.com that this is the best course of action and it has served me well over the years, be your best self and follow you own mind, this is the most masculine you can be

  2. nollia mcneil says:

    That’s exactly the kind of man I have , u hit the nail right in the spot Christopher u r a genius

  3. chantellef says:

    i like this article… because to be honest when the guy is soft or i should say too soft and do not challenge me enough..on certain things i feel like am the male and he is the woman. sometimes we try to explain to them what we are looking for, but they think we mean we want an abusive partner but you explain beautifully. 🙂

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